Also The Dancing Ground Again

Also The Dancing Ground Again – Get Media .. Historical fiction, a poem on religion in Ancient Greece, a chapter from the novel Dark Of Light. AUDIO of the author reading this material.. .. {-PLAY-} ..or.. {-SAVE-} .. ..Playing opens and runs the Mp3 file. .. Saving gets the same Mp3 file inside a zippedContinue reading “Also The Dancing Ground Again”

Seeing Dark Of Light

Seeing Dark Of Light {- Eleusis explained.. {Here} -}{- long essay stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} A memoir of making a novel, Recollections of creating the novel “Dark Of Light”.[*See Footnote 1] In 2004, with motives I do not fully understand, I undertook to write a deeply researched and deeply convincingContinue reading “Seeing Dark Of Light”

A Roughly Tended Woods

A Roughly Tended Woods {- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 -} April 2017: This year I was old and it was rainy, so I celebrated Earth Day after the sun came out, alone and one day late, in the 90 acre woodland of our bucolic small old Massachusetts town. I chose the most convenientContinue reading “A Roughly Tended Woods”

An Experimental Couplet

An Experimental Couplet {- essay stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} It’s sometimes said that song precedes the other forms of human speech. According to this idea, the first words spoken by our little babies, and probably the proto-speech of our early ancestors, can best be understood as song. ForContinue reading “An Experimental Couplet”