My Dear Child – A Poem Of Climate Collapse

[ Climate Collapse .. {-Wikipedia-} ] “Unknown Destination” :::My Dear Child, You’ll understand,I cannot write to you as often as we both would wish.Everything is so hard here. – It’s hot.The Sun here is horrible this year,and food is running low.It’s hot. We’re glad you left,despite the loneliness here, really. You see,the gardens have diedContinue reading “My Dear Child – A Poem Of Climate Collapse”

Necessity – Public Service Bulletin

This poem was written in 2016, during valiant Native-led resistance toghastly-dangerous and utterly sacrilegious Petroleum Pipelinesthat money-mad Corporate Criminals were then gashingacross ancient Sacred Ground in US. Great Plains. “Prophecy Of Climate Catastrophe” [ Dakota Pipeline Protests .. {-Wikipedia-} ] :::One of usshould tour our Dakota campswith a military eye,inspect the methods of supply, interviewContinue reading “Necessity – Public Service Bulletin”

Withdrawal Of Consent

Are you trying to open minds of right-wing folks?Consider this memoir of the Occupy Movement. Publishing History .. This blog began in April 2020… For a quick start, i adopted tons of stuff from my bigstory book “Tales Of Men And Women”, published 2016; ..For which this Occupy tale was written. .. Occupy was in2011’sContinue reading “Withdrawal Of Consent”

The Gentle Folk – A Short Story

Please note: This is a Romantic Fiction that differs inmany ways from the real Fairy Tradition of the British Isles. ~ Also: ~This is Part 1 of a performance set called “Beltaine 2022 Script”.The blog post for Part 2: “Journey To The West” is .. {-Here-} The post for Part 3: “Shamanic Vision Dance” isContinue reading “The Gentle Folk – A Short Story”

A Few Brief Excerpts From This Book

AUDIOMONTAGE POEM.Printed in the center of the “About The Book” sectionof the current 7th Edition of “Tales Of Men And Women”,=>in the “About The Book” section,<=you understand, that section is my filing system,no, champion spies could not understand my understand i don’t make a fooking cent so who cares,but there this poem is saidContinue reading “A Few Brief Excerpts From This Book”

Whiteness – Idea Overview

!!.The Grotesquely Astonishing @WHITENESS@ Idea.!!~ A nest of vipers in the mind, somehow freezing all ~~ your humanity to cold rock. . ??some proof the old ~~ Medusa tales are true?? ~~ ~~ Altho you must say, ~~ To the rich & lucky, “whiteness” may often seem a ~~ Mere sporting term, as per “War,Continue reading “Whiteness – Idea Overview”

Poems For The Future – Booklet Series Overview

Because The World Is Probably Ending .. …. .. And Here Are Some Poems Anyway(-this was like pulling into a dock-) Here is my work in Late Autumn 2019,.. My work to look up, at last, from the horrid,.. soul-imprisoning Vapes Shops Series,.. To look up from sailing thru the vast deep sea.. of Earth-DeathContinue reading “Poems For The Future – Booklet Series Overview”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Booklet Overview

!! Liberation Storytelling :: Standup For Freedom !!!! Tell The Sorrow Joy !!A coach’s manual !! .. .. Maybe YOU to learn & teach :: => LIBERATION STORYTELLING <=old champion tells the spirit, philosophy, art, practice There are not a lot of links on this page, .. .. And yet, i deem this booklet ofContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Booklet Overview”

Tales Of Men And Women – Book Overview

++ Tales Of Men And Women ++?? How can you live a good Human life ??(. 7th Edition :: Know Ourselves To Make Our World Anew .)(. enlarged & reissued constantly since 1992 .) !! 500-page book has 134 black & white Fine Art illustrations !! !! Every story, poem, essay, etc., starts & endsContinue reading “Tales Of Men And Women – Book Overview”