Who Am I? (Autumn 2022)

A trick photo titled“Self-Portrait With Left Eye” Please forgive my absence. It’s been a month since i published on this blog, becausei’ve been fully occupied with other writing and visual art.The big thing is my new “Compassionate Tarot Handbook”together with bits and pieces around getting it published.But this post is from a smaller project. NewContinue reading “Who Am I? (Autumn 2022)”

Martin Luther King Jr Holiday 2022

Download this .. {-Here-} .. An 8-page pdf ****“World Of War” by sr.. .. .. ..Now starting to pull this poem together,the Sun is sinking down, this Winter Fridayenteringour USA’s Holiday for one of our Greatest Citizens::Citizen-Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.,One of the Greatest Greats whose murder I grieved.== == ==Yet this narrative will beContinue reading “Martin Luther King Jr Holiday 2022”

The Coming Generations

Aka: Letters From The Farm #10<Letter #9 .. Letter #11>(.Almost Finished Editing.) “Robin Hood” My Dear Reader;This time, assuming that you won’t mind,i’ll tell some experiences of mine that seem to rhyme somehow;THEN, if i can, i’ll piece together what i’m talking about; Okay? But whatever it is exactly, we will focus our eyes intoContinue reading “The Coming Generations”

Psychic Fair Collection 2021

Hello Dear Reader,I’ve copied out a bouquet of especially hopeful,idealistic and romantic posts. It is 50 pages, small enoughi can give away a few copies at our upcoming psychic fair.That’s August 7, 2021, in Enfield, New Hampshire, USA.It is located in an apple orchard behind our region’slargest Crystal Shop, near the somewhat-famousGeographic Center of NewContinue reading “Psychic Fair Collection 2021”

Am I Maybe Addicted To My Cannabis Pain Meds?

Well, frankly, there’s an EXTREEMELY small chance, …. from psychological profile, …. .{ Combat Immunity To Addiction (in non-violent struggle) }. …. .{. Described in detail below (in case you’ve no idea at all) .}. .. An Extremely Small Likelihood, in this lifetime,for me to be an Addict of Most-Any Drug,BUT LEAST OF ALL, ..Continue reading “Am I Maybe Addicted To My Cannabis Pain Meds?”

Sergeant Major’s Command Show

Sergeant Major’s Command Show,as I’m calling it here, was notsomething done for U.S. Army Entertainment Service. Instead, it was for my fellow Infantry Guys, Grunt battalion where I was a Medic. So if I had a film of that show that afternoon, I would distribute it on Peace Revolution Network, as a Training Film. ItContinue reading “Sergeant Major’s Command Show”

Available Religions In Mainstream America

A Conjecture About Race In The USAIn A System Dynamic Chart by S.Riley 2020 (CC) ~~ The Text Printed Beside The Chart ~~ Each circle, curving line & corner represents a religion.The circle is its spiritual experience, while that corner isthe religion’s outward form, its form of living in America. Do this..#A. Working in anyContinue reading “Available Religions In Mainstream America”

Photo Of The Death Of Malcolm X – Page 1

Photo Of The Death Of Malcolm X – Page 1 – Get Media .. “Blotchy black and white – can I find a poetry to tell a jumbled tale….” AUDIO of the author reading this material.. .. {-PLAY-} ..or.. {-SAVE-} .. ..Playing opens and runs the Mp3 file. .. Saving gets the same Mp3 fileContinue reading “Photo Of The Death Of Malcolm X – Page 1”

I Was Not A Stranger

I Was Not A Stranger Hello Dear Reader. These paragraphs will be your introduction to a great many other paragraphs in this whole blog about wars, air planes, the flight of the soul, my love of song birds, my admiration for Imam Malcolm X, revolutions, and other topics. . . . . . . .Continue reading “I Was Not A Stranger”

Malcolm X – More Reflections

Malcolm X – More Reflections Essay on religion, politics and war.. In America in the 1960s and 1970s.. .. there was a civil war of countless sides,fought across the nation with 5 particular weapons. For example you have one side’s trademark weapon and method of attack, by which they won a few major prizes inContinue reading “Malcolm X – More Reflections”