New Drum

(-.This is also a social media post i posted this morning.-) I LOVE Remo drums from working with children,and i just bought this one for myself. .. Some friends are talking about doing sometribal drummingthis summer,and all i have till this one arrives isa beautiful little antique tambourine. .. There’s a story ofhow i lostContinue reading “New Drum”

Ode To Joy – Some Links To The Music

“Democracy” Let’s add some music to deepen our sympathiesfor Free Ukraine. Official Anthem Of The European UnionLet’s consider “Ode To Joy” – Official Anthem of the EuropeanUnion, .. The organization that Tyrant Putin totally, absolutelyand utterly Fears, Despises, and Loathes; .. The PartnershipOf Nations which Ukraine’s free government, speakingfor the People of Ukraine, a free-thinkingContinue reading “Ode To Joy – Some Links To The Music”

Revealed: My Thin Claim To Be Druid Of New England

Aka: Letters From The Farm #2<Letter #1 .. Letter #3> (Composed On USA Veterans Day 2021, While Empire Collapses) You and me, i think we got along together okay in Letter #1?That wasn’t excessively unfamiliar was it? Now it’s time for me to reveal Magic when the WAR OF TERROR got going,when it manifested “OUR”Continue reading “Revealed: My Thin Claim To Be Druid Of New England”

Last-Inch Couples Adjustment Weekend

Cheap Spa Resort Retreat ONLY open to moderately-well-adjusted couples!! living together =>50<= years or more !!The photos proudly show endless sessions,called “Last Micrometer Grind-Down Sessions”,And suddenly it dawns:: How long-winded these people are.Why bother? Just tell me my poem’s good, Sweetheart. <<::: .. Do you follow this blog? If so, do you ask why iContinue reading “Last-Inch Couples Adjustment Weekend”

True Designations

True Designations In the ancient quarter-million years when our distant parents made us, their habits were engraved flesh-deep in us as instincts, however that happens. They had armed conflicts. The hunters took some dangerous meat for the folks and the teams could turn on each other. A lot of years, stuff happens. But they lastedContinue reading “True Designations”


THE BROTHEL SCENE >>Dear Reader,Before reading this, or immediately after, go study ROMAN COMEDY.I have once read a careful history scholar’s study, a paperback I mangled wadding up to stuff in my pockets for 3 weeks working thru my flabbergastic astonishment.(It says what????)The whole FILTHY SODDEN MESS of the Ancient Roman stage comedy genre. BunchContinue reading “THE BROTHEL SCENE”

First Of These You’ve Seen?

[: LOOK.. …ELEUSIS.. {HERE} .. …KORE.. {HERE} .. +versus+ …King Phillip 2nd Macidons.. {here} .. …His son Alexander So-Called Great.. {there} :] {-no spellcheck was used in this item-} Is this the first of these “DARK OF LIGHT BLOG POST” things you’ve seen?.. …Explanation.. This a ROMANCE NOVEL inside Ancient Goddess Demeter’s Great Mystery RitesContinue reading “First Of These You’ve Seen?”

The Confidence Of His Beloved

The Confidence Of His Beloved “The confidence of his beloved…”[:: In our romance novel “Dark Of Light” this is the next episode following “Arithmetic”. This is again early morning of marching day, and Priestess Victory has sent her new boy, as if her squire, sent him to the Conqueror with a mysterious apple and aContinue reading “The Confidence Of His Beloved”