Talking With Birds

“Seagull Turning” I started doing this, I’m still doing this,I did it a minute ago out in the yard,and that is a fact. This is real and any human able to singcan probably do it. Don’t hold me tothis but I think most anybody can.Anyway, it costs nothing and it’s fun.Maybe you should do thisContinue reading “Talking With Birds”

Shamanic Vision Dance

A spiritual memoir,a poem of beginnings. Back some years ago, while the last glow of the great flowering of the 1960’s was finally fading in the dust of the latter 1970’s, I and several thousand others started the Pagan movement in America. I do remember it clearly. Basically, we asked a single question of theContinue reading “Shamanic Vision Dance”

Prepared To Cast Away A Line

Prepared To Cast Away A Line {- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} Now all I’ve got to say is, .. .. .. here at the end,It’s been good .. .. knowing you,Us . . . here at the end. You ever need a funeral done, just let meContinue reading “Prepared To Cast Away A Line”

Love Lasts Thru All

Love Lasts Thru All {- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} There’s a metaphysician I’m interested in,Jane Roberts, deceased. Hero Jane and advisor, disembodied chap namedSeth, caught my bookstore dollar long ago but busywar stuff then. Read Jane R later with Dr Campbell singing Jungin other ear. Don’t needContinue reading “Love Lasts Thru All”

Freedom Of A Human Soul

Freedom Of A Human Soul This is how a Buddhist might put it, I think… The freedom of a human soul is beyond measuring, any measuring that we can do;the freedom of a human soul is far past any gods that we can know, altho of coursewe often choose not knowing this, or find someContinue reading “Freedom Of A Human Soul”

The Lure Of Adventure

{-Prior-} …. : FRIENDSHIP SERIES #4 : …. {-Next-} This post in a Pdf file … {}All the posts in 1 Pdf … {} ===== A poem of spiritual dedication. =====The meeting of a shaman and apprentice.Based on a classic Zen Buddhist teaching story. “Youthful Hope” -sr One time there was this bright young girl,Continue reading “The Lure Of Adventure”

An Experimental Couplet

An Experimental Couplet {- essay stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} It’s sometimes said that song precedes the other forms of human speech. According to this idea, the first words spoken by our little babies, and probably the proto-speech of our early ancestors, can best be understood as song. ForContinue reading “An Experimental Couplet”

Druidry Pop Quiz #2 – Being A Song Bird

Druidry Pop Quiz #2 – Being A Song Bird {- longish poem stone riley creative commons 2020 -} Talking (Whistle-Singing really) with song birds!!.. A real chat with neighbors, in their language!!.. I’ve often had the great good luck to live among song birds… But conversing was a rare treat for me, one of theContinue reading “Druidry Pop Quiz #2 – Being A Song Bird”

Ten Dollar Harmonica As Profound Instrument

Ten Dollar Harmonica As Profound Instrument {- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -}[:: Harmonica, mouth harp explained.. {Here} {Here} ::] Attention Druids !! Want to play piano like Rachmaninoff or Monk but you can’t ?????…. Give it up. You need an easier instrument.…. You need harmonic. $10. Has tenContinue reading “Ten Dollar Harmonica As Profound Instrument”