The Mysterious Source Of My Yearning To Be Humane

(- My 2nd day on this blog post: 05/28/2022.-) Cover of the first edition, 1946, copied from Wikipedia. There is a great and famous bookteaching a kind and generous religion or philosophy –– written in my country, directed toward my culture,first published in my birth year –– titled “AUTOBIOGTRAPHY OF A YOGI” –– which iContinue reading “The Mysterious Source Of My Yearning To Be Humane”

Lunar Eclipse – A Romance

Aka: Letters From The Farm #5<Letter #4 .. Letter #6> This little farm, in mountain poverty country,in a high valley by a rocky marshy river,is very near the great round MOON; i kno, for i step out my dim-lit kitchenette door,right onto my DARK, ROOFLESS front porch in a farmyard,a tidy gravel-grass field thickly surroundedContinue reading “Lunar Eclipse – A Romance”

Am I Maybe Addicted To My Cannabis Pain Meds?

Well, frankly, there’s an EXTREEMELY small chance, …. from psychological profile, …. .{ Combat Immunity To Addiction (in non-violent struggle) }. …. .{. Described in detail below (in case you’ve no idea at all) .}. .. An Extremely Small Likelihood, in this lifetime,for me to be an Addict of Most-Any Drug,BUT LEAST OF ALL, ..Continue reading “Am I Maybe Addicted To My Cannabis Pain Meds?”

Somehow i manage to keep going on small drops of utter transcendent spiritual joy

I’m sorry. once again a poem consisting of nothing but the title. -end of this blog post.

Comfort For The Bereaved – Book Overview

Comfort For The Bereaved Help for fear and sorrow,from an artist’s experience of creativity.Paintings & philosophy about death & sorrow.A Story Book For Counseling. It’s very hard to say goodby. We feel deserted. We feel afraid. The world is changing and has changed,or perhaps the world we love is ending.So what will we do now?Continue reading “Comfort For The Bereaved – Book Overview”

Reading Poems In Zen Temple – Booklet Overview

Reading Poems In Zen TempleGratitude For Spiritual Recoveryafter my year exploring Climate Grief .. Synopsis ..~ a poetry comic book of 12 letter-size pages. ~ ~~ **.** ~~I fled to our local lovely Zen Buddhist Temple for rest,reinforcement and recovery after the Vapes Shops Series project.A BIG BOX of poetry on CLIMATE GRIEF, a mountainousContinue reading “Reading Poems In Zen Temple – Booklet Overview”

Thanksgiving – Strenuous And Worthwhile As A Pagan Ritual

Practiced as a Pagan ritual, .. For indeed …. We are both OLD Pagans, she and i, …. And our family is science-minded,.. So it’s all scrupulous practice of the Plague Protocols,.. Which are very tuff right now, .. This year’s Thanksgiving Day,.. =>& We the Old Hippies Who Moved Out Of Town To TheContinue reading “Thanksgiving – Strenuous And Worthwhile As A Pagan Ritual”

Where From My Magic?

This is 1 day (!!!!) before my class “we should be a psychic corps”.And if you don’t know what i’m talking about don’t bother. And in the script, lean at about a 30-minute script, in there i solemnly have promised whoever shows up, a 25-minute Free Discussion, in exactly a 60-minute time slot.Yes, i’m aContinue reading “Where From My Magic?”

Class Session #5 – Sacred Garden – Holy Statues – Part 2 – Private

( This post is finished, but in a semi-public “Private” status.– You don’t need Password, only Address.Maybe a Squat dump? I don’t know. ) {.Here.} Class Session #5 – Sacred Garden – Holy Statues – Part 2 In Part 1 of Session #5, I only announced this complicated dual subject, .. .. But here, atContinue reading “Class Session #5 – Sacred Garden – Holy Statues – Part 2 – Private”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – End Of World In Story

Tell The Sorrow Joy – End Of World In Story Excerpt, Pg 17.. The End Of The World In Story ~~( 10. )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What could possibly come next ????The End Of The World In Story It might seem like a Logical Contradictiontill you think about it for a minute… ?- We get our Human StoryContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – End Of World In Story”