Juan Diego Character Description

Juan Diego (shown here) also goes with other characters ::{-Here-} .. Dafyd Jones Character Description{-Here-} .. Helen Smyles Character Description FANTASTIC LUCK.!!No matter who you are, or what walk of life, .. When A Bolt of Fantastic Good Fortune wallops you, well, shucks. .. Then you’re AUTOMATICALLY Better Off. .. .(hear! hear! a round ofContinue reading “Juan Diego Character Description”

Resume Letter To Dana At Matt’s

~~ Stone Riley’s Contact InfoBlah blah blah blah. ~~ Hello Dana of Matt’s Hydroponics In Webster.Good morning or good afternoon! I’m Stone Riley,the artist who visited the store last week. Please notice, from my contact info above, that Ilive in the next town over from Webster. And, asI have said, I have hopes your storeContinue reading “Resume Letter To Dana At Matt’s”

A.Warhol Meets J.M.Basquiat, My PERSONAL View

Jean-Michel, my dear Never-Met Brother, By the time i heard your fame over on my Deep-Left side of Art,me so in hope of eschewing Yatta-Yatta for deep talk of Heart & Soul,And you had yourself publicized as a DISCOVERED PRODUCT,You publicized yourself as a HUMAN ASSET ofthe openly proudly, stupid and corrupt Andy Warhol.Andy Warhol::Continue reading “A.Warhol Meets J.M.Basquiat, My PERSONAL View”

Alphabeticon – 1st Properly Manufactured Version

LOOK:: .. {-HERE-} .. is the OVERVIEW pagefor this OBSCURE item. “1st Properly Manufactured Version”::..”Text Version#2″ reads as follows::.. (Your attention please, public notice.) This stuff here.. {-HERE-} .. “EXPLORE THE ALPHABETICON”.. ALL that (C)2008 stuff, .. +Plus: New Stuff Being Added,.. All is hereby subsumed in a NEW NAME…. .. .. .. .. ..Continue reading “Alphabeticon – 1st Properly Manufactured Version”

Citizen God

Striking Photos ShowHundreds Of National Guard Troops SleepingInside U.S. Capitol .. {-Here-) ..Gorgeous Photo Spread of true National Guards. .. Thousands come to defend, see here hundreds of them sleeping,.. People’s Soldiers sleeping with their boots, helmets, bulging packs… See all their hands’ EASY SANE professional respect for weapons,.. All the RACIALLY DIVERSE faces, sleepingContinue reading “Citizen God”

Comic Book Art – Opinion Overview

I rhapsodize often on the wonder of this Comics Art we have today.Why?Because i have a strong, and maybe odd, opinion what its wonder is.I say it’s a DESPERATE STRATAGEM, in our desperate time,for suddenly re-telling the greatest stories. .. Fit #1 ..An Essay About A Cartoon PROVES That I’ve Built A Museum& no bizletit.Continue reading “Comic Book Art – Opinion Overview”

Bright Jewels – Book Overview

Bright JewelsBeautiful moments in a strange life. .. An illustrated memoir{-my 1st book after the HARD novel, the years of that,was all done, “Dark Of Light”-} ~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~.. How This Book Came To Be .. blah blah blah blah .. .. .. ?What??, “blah blah”?? How did it come to be? Well,Continue reading “Bright Jewels – Book Overview”

Attributions Of The Minor Arcana In Spirit Hill Tarot

{- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -}{- Note.. Everywhere else in this blog, we show and discuss the 2nd Edition of Spirit Hill Tarot, whereas this is about creating the deck’s 1st Edition in 2002.-} Written 2002, age 56, early in the union with my heart’s true love whileContinue reading “Attributions Of The Minor Arcana In Spirit Hill Tarot”

Documents For The Reader – Book Overview

“Documents For The Reader”is the handbook for Stone Riley’s Tarots “Documents For The Reader”A Book For .. AMBITIOUS DIVINATION EXPERTISE,the only one emerging from world of RILEY’S 3 TAROTS,which form Triangles seen in Several Conceptual Dimensions.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~SELECTED LINKS: This handbook:.. .. {-Here-} .. .. Paperback retail page ..Continue reading “Documents For The Reader – Book Overview”

Psychic Chaplaincy Corps – A Poster

!! Print your own copy of the Provisional Semi-Official Poster !! ** just in case you’re interested .. this ENTIRELY optional **(. 1-page .. black-ink-only .. US. letter-size .. pdf file .) .. INSTRUCTIONS .. Below, either click the Download button,or copy-paste the address into your browser https://stonerileydruidclassroom.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/drclchaplainposter.pdf { end of blog post }