Abu Ghraib #1 – Tank Column

Abu Ghraib #1 – Tank Column { Abu Ghraib explained.. {Here} } Shock and awe? Shock and awe?? Shock and awe???You mean OUR EVIL INVASION OF IRAQ ? Well, …. Here’s a combat story from Iraq I heard on National Public Radio one morning in US. Army’s invasion’s first week. That report was very briefContinue reading “Abu Ghraib #1 – Tank Column”

An Eagle’s Mighty Flight

(- a true poetic memoir of distant vision -) Tales Of Men And Women book overview .. {-Here-} I was on a religious retreat one time, at a campground in the New England woods, and it was a time when I was very troubled about some personal issues. Really it all came down to aContinue reading “An Eagle’s Mighty Flight”

Aerial Spy

Aerial Spy {- long poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} You see, there are three big influences on the Handout Sheets’ physical design:• The anarchic Free Information Tables that weset up in all the Occupy Camps that I saw,• the shape in flight of the wings of a wideContinue reading “Aerial Spy”

This Time Of Destiny

This Time Of Destiny {- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} I am a Darwinist. Darwin’s final paragraph of his first great book has come true, and in my lifetime I have seen it coming true. That paragraph predicted that as we gathered data to check Darwin’s theory ofContinue reading “This Time Of Destiny”

Our Oddity Of Race

Our Oddity Of Race My personal experiences and observations asa racialized American are these… In American popular culture,the Vaudeville and Globe Theatre of our time,“White Southerner” is obviously a familiarShakespeare character,as any thoughtful person might agree. Per a literary review I finally wrote when 40,this character should properly be rankedamong the most Ridiculous Personsin Shakespeare’sContinue reading “Our Oddity Of Race”

Trickster Art Performance

Trickster Art Performance {- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} The solo performer is very good,And the piece here undertaken is a favoriteat the place where it is being performed.It’s a world-famous museum afternoon. The performer is an old software engineerWith astonishing good luck to livejust a pleasant driveContinue reading “Trickster Art Performance”

Spiritual Liberation Moment #2

Spiritual Liberation Moment #2 {- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} A stack of bed-springs.A stack of them, old wire coil bed-springsmetallically screeching and squealing like bouncing. This one is, for one thing,a deep flashing-flame color vivid cinematic image,of moving shadows thru a fence,Hollywood horror films love this, butContinue reading “Spiritual Liberation Moment #2”