Psychic Fair Collection 2021

Hello Dear Reader,I’ve copied out a bouquet of especially hopeful,idealistic and romantic posts. It is 50 pages, small enoughi can give away a few copies at our upcoming psychic fair.That’s August 7, 2021, in Enfield, New Hampshire, USA.It is located in an apple orchard behind our region’slargest Crystal Shop, near the somewhat-famousGeographic Center of NewContinue reading “Psychic Fair Collection 2021”

Stone’s Nature Walks Prospectus

To make inquires please see our Contact Page .. {-Here-} French River Greenway TrailOur Only Offering So Far Download this flyer in a pdf file .. {-Here-} Download this flyer in a pdf file .. {-Here-} To make inquires please see our Contact Page .. {-Here-} TEXT FROM THE FRENCH RIVER FLYER Historical Re-Enactment ….Continue reading “Stone’s Nature Walks Prospectus”

Sacred Way Memorial Path – In Construction

This is my dream gardening project, and to getstarted here are a few photos from last summer. :: New Construction In Summer 2021 :::: Here Is My Pious Backyard Reenactment :::: Of The Ancient Greeks’ ELEUSIS PILGRIMAGE :: I am emerging from the Covid Plague in both Soul and Body.I’m finally doing some days ofContinue reading “Sacred Way Memorial Path – In Construction”

I Direct My Staves To Revelations

This is a report of an Animist Ceremony i performed this morning. :: :: :: :: ::At a wonderful retreat last weekend, the good folks spoke of the sheer living power of Raw Animism. Yesterday was Monday, and in the evening i began the ancient practice decisively, in a ceremony at the ford of aContinue reading “I Direct My Staves To Revelations”


{- creative commons 2021 sriley -}{- Gifted to the poet by Nature Spirits taking part in an invocation by Starhawk -} . .. From Worcester south to Narraganset Bay, .. Sovereign Nature, . .. .. thru the micro-braided land-forms,. .. .. looking like dripped from Odin’s Leaky Shovel, if he had one, . .. CarvedContinue reading “HER LAND”

Grave Of Pericles Site Found

Clarification: I’ve decided where, in the forest clearing that is my back yard,in a very pious Ancient Greek religious section occupying much of the yard,that section entirely organized as a Sacred Path i walk daily now in spring,certainly my small prayerful imitation of their ELEUSIS (pronounced Elfesis)PILGRIMAGE the Old Greeks did for hundreds of years,Continue reading “Grave Of Pericles Site Found”

Somehow i manage to keep going on small drops of utter transcendent spiritual joy

I’m sorry. once again a poem consisting of nothing but the title. -end of this blog post.

Resume Letter To Dana At Matt’s

~~ Stone Riley’s Contact InfoBlah blah blah blah. ~~ Hello Dana of Matt’s Hydroponics In Webster.Good morning or good afternoon! I’m Stone Riley,the artist who visited the store last week. Please notice, from my contact info above, that Ilive in the next town over from Webster. And, asI have said, I have hopes your storeContinue reading “Resume Letter To Dana At Matt’s”

Finally Shopping For A Talk-Therapy Therapist

You’re free to think this is a joke, of course, especially since::THAT’S ALL I’M TYPING HERE NOW. …. Dear Reader, more later. .. For now, this Spring morning,there’s work to do on Alphabeticon.Truly more here later. ~~!!::!!~~+Well no, actually it turned out ::Conventional Talk Therapy is preciselycorrect for very very many people,Plus: In reading TarotContinue reading “Finally Shopping For A Talk-Therapy Therapist”

Bright Jewels – Book Overview

Bright JewelsBeautiful moments in a strange life. .. An illustrated memoir{-my 1st book after the HARD novel, the years of that,was all done, “Dark Of Light”-} ~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~.. How This Book Came To Be .. blah blah blah blah .. .. .. ?What??, “blah blah”?? How did it come to be? Well,Continue reading “Bright Jewels – Book Overview”