Somehow i manage to keep going on small drops of utter transcendent spiritual joy

I’m sorry. once again a poem consisting of nothing but the title. -end of this blog post.

Resume Letter To Dana At Matt’s

~~ Stone Riley’s Contact InfoBlah blah blah blah. ~~ Hello Dana of Matt’s Hydroponics In Webster.Good morning or good afternoon! I’m Stone Riley,the artist who visited the store last week. Please notice, from my contact info above, that Ilive in the next town over from Webster. And, asI have said, I have hopes your storeContinue reading “Resume Letter To Dana At Matt’s”

Finally Shopping For A Talk-Therapy Therapist

You’re free to think this is a joke, of course, especially since::THAT’S ALL I’M TYPING HERE NOW. …. Dear Reader, more later. .. For now, this Spring morning,there’s work to do on Alphabeticon.Truly more here later. ~~!!::!!~~+Well no, actually it turned out ::Conventional Talk Therapy is preciselycorrect for very very many people,Plus: In reading TarotContinue reading “Finally Shopping For A Talk-Therapy Therapist”

Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool

=>!! IMPORTANT !!<=For project IMAGES see the “IMAGE DUMP” below. The NEW EDITION Is Here ::: {-Here-} 04/25/2021 – Hello! .. This page is still in construction.This is supposed to get a lot more info and links than what you see so far,But this blog is hyper-linked internally so it’s laborious dis-&re- connecting parts. IfContinue reading “Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool”

Comfort For The Bereaved – Book Overview

Comfort For The Bereaved Help for fear and sorrow,from an artist’s experience of creativity.Paintings & philosophy about death & sorrow.A Story Book For Counseling. It’s very hard to say goodby. We feel deserted. We feel afraid. The world is changing and has changed,or perhaps the world we love is ending.So what will we do now?Continue reading “Comfort For The Bereaved – Book Overview”

Fencing One Evening Near Munich

Everyone.. Here’s an Anti-military Hero Comic Book,So please add stuff. … Pagans.. Here’s a Hero Talefor a Comic Book, for the Week after Yule. Quick Rush Note .. The (unfinished) ILLUMINATED COMIC Pdf Version of thisie: unfinished w-i-p illuminated comic BIG free download is=> {-HERE-} ;I think SPORT is::an evolved Wisdom of Humanswhere our EnemiesContinue reading “Fencing One Evening Near Munich”

Reading Poems In Zen Temple – Booklet Overview

Reading Poems In Zen TempleGratitude For Spiritual Recoveryafter my year exploring Climate Grief .. Synopsis ..~ a poetry comic book of 12 letter-size pages. ~ ~~ **.** ~~I fled to our local lovely Zen Buddhist Temple for rest,reinforcement and recovery after the Vapes Shops Series project.A BIG BOX of poetry on CLIMATE GRIEF, a mountainousContinue reading “Reading Poems In Zen Temple – Booklet Overview”

Bright Jewels – Book Overview

Bright JewelsBeautiful moments in a strange life. .. An illustrated memoir{-my 1st book after the HARD novel, the years of that,was all done, “Dark Of Light”-} ~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~.. How This Book Came To Be .. blah blah blah blah .. .. .. ?What??, “blah blah”?? How did it come to be? Well,Continue reading “Bright Jewels – Book Overview”

Documents For The Reader – Book Overview

“Documents For The Reader”is the handbook for Stone Riley’s Tarots “Documents For The Reader”A Book For .. AMBITIOUS DIVINATION EXPERTISE,the only one emerging from world of RILEY’S 3 TAROTS,which form Triangles seen in Several Conceptual Dimensions.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~SELECTED LINKS: This handbook:.. .. {-Here-} .. .. Paperback retail page ..Continue reading “Documents For The Reader – Book Overview”

Army Stories – Book Overview

Army Stories Performance ScriptA Peace Revolution Chaplain’s Book .. Synopsis .. Contains many remembrances of an old Chaplain from Vietnam War on through Occupy, quite unique, with sorely grieving conscience, with artful bold Acts Of Resistance usefully described, and love for one another, all children of Earth, and balm for grief. The death of LivingContinue reading “Army Stories – Book Overview”