Psychic Fair 2021 – Weather Report

Here’s Your Report Of The PSYCHIC WEATHERin Central New England. Psychic Fair 2021 seemed a lot like the Old Days.In this snapshot .. Old Timers at the World Premiere ofSpirit Hill Tarot, Southern New Hampshire,Pagan Pride Day, Sept. 14, 2002, in a state forest. {- So far, this is the end of this blog postContinue reading “Psychic Fair 2021 – Weather Report”

Sacred Way Memorial Path – In Construction

This is my dream gardening project, and to getstarted here are a few photos from last summer. :: New Construction In Summer 2021 :::: Here Is My Pious Backyard Reenactment :::: Of The Ancient Greeks’ ELEUSIS PILGRIMAGE :: I am emerging from the Covid Plague in both Soul and Body.I’m finally doing some days ofContinue reading “Sacred Way Memorial Path – In Construction”

Dafyd Jones Character Description

Dafyd Jones (shown here) also goes with other characters ::{-Here-} .. … Juan Diego Character Description{-Here-} .. Helen Smyles Character Description The year now is 1838. Dafyd Jones is a man emigrated from Wales, in strong robust health, age 32. He is an intelligent person, .. a jack of all trades, .. .. Full ofContinue reading “Dafyd Jones Character Description”

Helen Smyles Character Description

Helen Smyles (shown here) also goes with other characters ::{-Here-} .. .. Juan Diego Character Description{-Here-} … Dafyd Jones Character Description !!Caution!!: .. As was commonplace in 1830’s popular entertainment::This material joyfully refers to the physical side of a loving marriage.Death lived with them, taking Loved Ones old and young constantly. The year now isContinue reading “Helen Smyles Character Description”

All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words Have Been Replaced With Comical Abbreviations

~~ Just For Your Information ~~This poem is printed on a sheet of paper in .. .. Singing Fish Pocket Tarot,And in that deck’s boxed set .. .. Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool.That sheet of paper is titled .. .. Guide To Life,And this poem’s on Page 2, in a section titled .. .. Life Is AContinue reading “All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words Have Been Replaced With Comical Abbreviations”

Juan Diego Character Description

Juan Diego (shown here) also goes with other characters ::{-Here-} .. Dafyd Jones Character Description{-Here-} .. Helen Smyles Character Description FANTASTIC LUCK.!!No matter who you are, or what walk of life, .. When A Bolt of Fantastic Good Fortune wallops you, well, shucks. .. Then you’re AUTOMATICALLY Better Off. .. .(hear! hear! a round ofContinue reading “Juan Diego Character Description”

Your Jolly Old Trip To Belgium

You know i’m a Real Amateur Historian, and, and, as well, PLUS::a Serious Historial Novelist, RIGHT? WELL, i just took a fit to write this..YOU, you and sturdy lady friend you’re withjust spent 12 YEARS piling up Irish Gold Coins,Just Bashing Stones, yes in the same old way,at Stonehenge. .. It’s Very LUCRATIVE Work,the well-paidContinue reading “Your Jolly Old Trip To Belgium”

Citizen God

Striking Photos ShowHundreds Of National Guard Troops SleepingInside U.S. Capitol .. {-Here-) ..Gorgeous Photo Spread of true National Guards. .. Thousands come to defend, see here hundreds of them sleeping,.. People’s Soldiers sleeping with their boots, helmets, bulging packs… See all their hands’ EASY SANE professional respect for weapons,.. All the RACIALLY DIVERSE faces, sleepingContinue reading “Citizen God”

Fencing One Evening Near Munich

Everyone.. Here’s an Anti-military Hero Comic Book,So please add stuff. … Pagans.. Here’s a Hero Talefor a Comic Book, for the Week after Yule. Quick Rush Note .. The (unfinished) ILLUMINATED COMIC Pdf Version of thisie: unfinished w-i-p illuminated comic BIG free download is=> {-HERE-} ;I think SPORT is::an evolved Wisdom of Humanswhere our EnemiesContinue reading “Fencing One Evening Near Munich”

Sergeant Major’s Command Show

Sergeant Major’s Command Show,as I’m calling it here, was notsomething done for U.S. Army Entertainment Service. Instead, it was for my fellow Infantry Guys, Grunt battalion where I was a Medic. So if I had a film of that show that afternoon, I would distribute it on Peace Revolution Network, as a Training Film. ItContinue reading “Sergeant Major’s Command Show”