Concise Statement Of My Beef With The Army

Please note:“Beef” is my generation’s military slangfor aserious disagreement that might or did come to blows. Yes i kno,It was so long ago and still i write about it a lot. But you understand:When you wrestle a giant but stupid octopus,it makes some moves so easily fended off,that you put them out of mind forContinue reading “Concise Statement Of My Beef With The Army”

Continuing My Recovery

“The Sun” from Spirit Hill Tarot My Dear Readers;To break the silence of abuse,we must gather our broken scattered thoughtsinto a simple accurate story.-Stone Dear Abbbb; I’m thinking Cdddd ought to read the followingto improve her understanding of me,and improve the chances of our reconciliation.But I leave that up to your judgment. In any case,Continue reading “Continuing My Recovery”

At The Focal Point Of My Current Fairy Work

(- My 1st day on this post, 04/25/2022.-) I’m certainly not a competent Numerologist,but i’ve sketched some arithmetic,and this is just about the 52nd anniversaryof my first Shamanic Initiation.Got me thru my soldier days. If memory serves,that must have been this time of year,and was certainly 1970. I had a second Shamanic Initiation, in anContinue reading “At The Focal Point Of My Current Fairy Work”

My Cartomancy Method In 2004, 2021, 2016 & 2020

{-Last-} …. : Shaman Tarot Journey Series #2 : …. {-Next-} This series in a Pdf booklet … {} “Cartomancy” I have excerpted 4 different descriptions,in different divination applications,of my Mind-Freedom method for Cartomancy(ie. divination with cards).With these instructions i mapped myexploration of Shamanic Landscape in those years. On the other hand, reading 2004’sis probablyContinue reading “My Cartomancy Method In 2004, 2021, 2016 & 2020”

River Otter Still In Winter Coat

(- Oh my! What a fertile period we’re jn!I need to unload this from my brain. 03/27/2022.-) A LOCAL NEWS REPORT: State Wildlife Officials say the North American River Otterwas originally very common in the state, but the weasel–related animals were virtually hunted out here,for their winter fur, by Early Settlers. Officials say: They areContinue reading “River Otter Still In Winter Coat”

Pop-Up Tent Sign 2022

(-.Published here on 03/26/2022.-) FOR YOUR INFORMATION;Most every summer i paint at least a new Main Sign,for my Fortuneteller Tent set-up. Sometimes frame the front with gauzy printed cloth,but sometimes with hanging chains,of hand painted signs old and new, large and small; This one: a 16 inches wide,by 25 inches tallMain Sign. It will beContinue reading “Pop-Up Tent Sign 2022”

Why America’s Elites Want A New War

“Moloch” by sr “Why America’s Elites Want A New War” Remember:=>!! Nuclear War Would INCINERATE Ukraine !!<= See, i’m favorably commenting on a news article explainingWHY AMERICA’S ELITES WANT A NEW WAR. ?Why on Earth do America’s Elites want a new war? {-Here-} .. ..Visit the News Article where i saw it.And below is theContinue reading “Why America’s Elites Want A New War”