Plentiplex As A New Word In Magic

Plentiplex As A New Word In Magic Plentiplex As New Word In Magic I propose …:: Plentiplex as:::: a new word:::::: in magic. Example …:: Window in cozy tiny friendly sleeping closet,.. .. where I sleep most nights;:: a window facing east in northern latitudes,.. .. this observatory, second floor.. .. but ground level nearlyContinue reading “Plentiplex As A New Word In Magic”

Psychic Chaplaincy Corps – Printable Poster

::you new here? see this.. {-Here-} .. Psychic Chaplaincy Corps– UnDisambiguation Page :: American Pagan Psychic Chaplaincy Corps {- public bulletin stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} Public AnnouncementAttention USA {any legal status} HUMANS !! (Citizenship legal status is irrelevant in all cases.)Announcement.. The American Pagan Psychic Chaplaincy And FirstContinue reading “Psychic Chaplaincy Corps – Printable Poster”

Simple Tarot Make It Yourself

Simple Tarot Make It Yourself Need a Tarot deck? Here’s one you can…. .. (1.) Download, (2.) Print on your computer, (3.) Cut out with scissors, (4.) And read you present, past, future, and Soul. {-Of course you should print on the heaviest-weight paper you’ve got.-}.. .. This is “The Simple Tarot” which I designedContinue reading “Simple Tarot Make It Yourself”

What’s A Shamanic Break?

What’s A Shamanic Break? I have much more often failed in trying to givea communicative and accurate account of this,than I have ever succeeded, much more… .. .. !!! But on the other hand….. .. .. You know exactly what I mean… .. .. See? I guess that’s why we call the occultThe Occult, IContinue reading “What’s A Shamanic Break?”

Three Teachers Names

Three Teachers Names Here’s a riddle: Tell me who three teachers are. Teacher 1, T.1, a great anti-Nazi intellectual,a physician, and a person of high-mountain.. .. .. Switzerland Republic,altho gray head and growing old by then, and surrounded by an ocean of Nazis, Stood to proper duty as an Army Doctorin the Nazi Empire War.Continue reading “Three Teachers Names”

Odysseus In The Underworld

Odysseus In The Underworld I was a Spirit Medium by force, by utter demandingforce of circumstances, where I was, and of coursethe Cultural Revolution movement we hadundertaken amidst Fascist Culture, finally advertised myself as eagerto take on Members for a new small in-personorganization, in-person of few nearby folks, inlarge part reading group, think each otherContinue reading “Odysseus In The Underworld”

Knocking On The Door

Knocking On The Door ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hopeful student deeply seeking art or wisdomknocking on the door,knock and ask three times, classical Hellenisticidea known and quoted thruout the “ClassicalOccult” or “Western Mystery Tradition” asthe Native Myths of Europe are variouslyknown in different lands. Beautiful concept and image. Ancient.Hopeful student for art or wisdom mustknock three times andContinue reading “Knocking On The Door”

Freedom Of A Human Soul

Freedom Of A Human Soul This is how a Buddhist might put it, I think… The freedom of a human soul is beyond measuring, any measuring that we can do;the freedom of a human soul is far past any gods that we can know, altho of coursewe often choose not knowing this, or find someContinue reading “Freedom Of A Human Soul”

First Degree

First Degree I took initiation First Degree Wiccan Witch, few years after I first came upon the movement on the magazine rack in a Hippie store, general goods in a cheap-rent Boston suburb, neighborhood on the bumpy Orange tram line. Near the store, up the block, poor Girlfriend & I sublet a room with aContinue reading “First Degree”