Woven Reeds

Woven Reeds {- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 -} .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. > Chants can go to length gaining strength touching Mind’s tendril fingertips to This World, thus weaving fibers of Story, Mind, World like wickerwork holding all those. > This World’s anContinue reading “Woven Reeds”

Invitation To A Student Of Tarot

{-Last-} …. : Shaman Tarot Journey Series #3 : …. {-Next-} This series in a Pdf booklet … {-www.stoneriley.com/grab40-}Reading of this poem MP3 file.. {-www.stoneriley.com/grab39audio-} “Tarot World Map” Invitation To A Student Of Tarot Here Is A Fortune Telling System, a magic book,.. a diagram of human life and soul wherein.. your intuition speaks theContinue reading “Invitation To A Student Of Tarot”

The Female Titan

The Female Titan {- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 -} How often has a human caught the glittering eyes of fox or mouse or deer or bear or lion in he teeming forest or the grassy plainAnd …with a shudder or in sudden awesome ecstasy, they felt everything outside themselves look into their being?HowContinue reading “The Female Titan”

Journey To The West

{-Prior-} …. : FRIENDSHIP SERIES #5 : …. {-Next-} This post in a Pdf file … {-www.stoneriley.com/grab35-}All the posts in 1 Pdf … {-www.stoneriley.com/grab30-} ==== A Shaman’s Deepest Healing Journey ==== AUDIO: The author reading the poem: {-Play-} .. {-Download-} Journey To The West Love is not the thing, nor hate. Hope is not theContinue reading “Journey To The West”

Telling The Fisher King: True Story

Telling The Fisher King: True Story … If I may make a long story short.. I do know story pretty well. It has been the school and core of my artistic practice. I learned it by years of diligent performance. We started in 1969, me and story, talking war resistance with fellow US. Soldiers duringContinue reading “Telling The Fisher King: True Story”

Advice If Taking Up An Old Tarot Deck

Advice If Taking Up An Old Tarot Deck The very first personal safety rule my old TAROT teacher told, and this amusing lady was also a private detective, .. well honestly the first favor she did me was asses if I’m actually serious, .. by chuckling self-deprecatingly on how accidentally last month she conjured aContinue reading “Advice If Taking Up An Old Tarot Deck”

Ten Dollar Harmonica As Profound Instrument

Ten Dollar Harmonica As Profound Instrument {- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -}[:: Harmonica, mouth harp explained.. {Here} {Here} ::] Attention Druids !! Want to play piano like Rachmaninoff or Monk but you can’t ?????…. Give it up. You need an easier instrument.…. You need harmonic. $10. Has tenContinue reading “Ten Dollar Harmonica As Profound Instrument”