Reading Poems In Zen Temple – Booklet Overview

Reading Poems In Zen TempleGratitude For Spiritual Recoveryafter my year exploring Climate Grief .. Synopsis ..~ a poetry comic book of 12 letter-size pages. ~ ~~ **.** ~~I fled to our local lovely Zen Buddhist Temple for rest,reinforcement and recovery after the Vapes Shops Series project.A BIG BOX of poetry on CLIMATE GRIEF, a mountainousContinue reading “Reading Poems In Zen Temple – Booklet Overview”

Where From My Magic?

This is 1 day (!!!!) before my class “we should be a psychic corps”.And if you don’t know what i’m talking about don’t bother. And in the script, lean at about a 30-minute script, in there i solemnly have promised whoever shows up, a 25-minute Free Discussion, in exactly a 60-minute time slot.Yes, i’m aContinue reading “Where From My Magic?”

All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words

All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words !!creative commons 2020 -sr!! !!Nose speklcheck ever!! ##””Children & Parents Note: All the least-acceptable dirty #### words have been replaced with comical abbreviations.””#### That is a motto on our masthead and a public promise. .## IF YOU…. .. Are seeing this blog post in its native habitat, .. LikeContinue reading “All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – My Fine Art Career Described

Excerpt, Pg 18.. My Fine Art Career DescribedFor This Booklet Guess What?My Fine Art Career DescribedFor This Booklet Oh sht. I DO NOT HAVE on hand amemoir of two-thirds page length,of my * FINE ART CAREER * slanted toClearly teach something good, whichthus could be EASILY adapted to teachany good things I’m teaching now. ButContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – My Fine Art Career Described”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – End Of World In Story

Tell The Sorrow Joy – End Of World In Story Excerpt, Pg 17.. The End Of The World In Story ~~( 10. )~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What could possibly come next ????The End Of The World In Story It might seem like a Logical Contradictiontill you think about it for a minute… ?- We get our Human StoryContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – End Of World In Story”

Wood And Water – Part 4

Wood And Water – Part 4 {- Continuing from Part 3” {Here} -}{-there are 4 parts-}{- prosodic short story stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -}{-a short story of beginnings-} [:: The lady is remembering a bird that only chirped and twitched its wings, and vanished in the light of aContinue reading “Wood And Water – Part 4”