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Compassionate Tarot Companion – Book Overview

Front Cover The paperback for sale .. {-here-} Free complete pdf file .. {-here-} It will open in your browser. ~~ TEXT ON THE BACK COVER ~~ Compassionate Tarot CompanionStone RileyWritten in the crisis year 2022. Divination: Practical advice, theory, memoir, and politicsof it; by an expert with unique skills and experience. New England, USA has strong traditions of bothliberal democracy andContinue reading “Compassionate Tarot Companion – Book Overview”

Near Shore Of The Universe

“Cornucopia” I’ve recently begun attending the Central New Hampshire Storytellers Guild and our annual show was yesterday afternoon. Each member there stood up and storytold for a minimum of seven, and a maximum of ten, minutes, and my contribution is below. It’s gathered from several places in my new book “Compassionate Tarot Companion”, and it was well received. ~~ Spoken informally toContinue reading “Near Shore Of The Universe”

How Does Fascism Rise In A Country?

First a large group of people yearn to believe their liveshave meaning. Then their natural human instinct for village defensesoldiering is aroused by a pitiless lying sadist. (- Here is the end of this blog post.-)

Who Am I? (Autumn 2022)

Please forgive my absence. It’s been a month since i published on this blog, becausei’ve been fully occupied with other writing and visual art.The big thing is my new “Compassionate Tarot Handbook”together with bits and pieces around getting it published.But this post is from a smaller project. New England’s biggest Psychic Fair is next month and this year i’ve finally rented aContinue reading “Who Am I? (Autumn 2022)”

Shamanism And A Psychic Fair

“Shamanism” is a scientific word from Anthropology,
and the Anthropologists define it broadly, including
certain practices in all the varied Human cultures.
What we do qualifies for inclusion.

Concise Statement Of My Beef With The Army

Please note:“Beef” is my generation’s military slangfor aserious disagreement that might or did come to blows. Yes i kno,It was so long ago and still i write about it a lot. But you understand:When you wrestle a giant but stupid octopus,it makes some moves so easily fended off,that you put them out of mind for years,and only see the horror of themContinue reading “Concise Statement Of My Beef With The Army”

The Birth Of The Universe & The Wilmington Massacre

The Birth Of The Universe,13.7 billion years ago,all things created. {-wikipedia-} The Wilmington White SupremacistMassacre of 1898, possibly300 people murdered. {-wikipedia-} ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~I might maybe claim to be a Semi-Pro Historian,having taught at a great History Museum,though in unpaid volunteer position.BUT: I have done serious studyof the US. Civil War. .. Why?My childhood was in the Jim Crow racist South.Continue reading “The Birth Of The Universe & The Wilmington Massacre”

Start Impeachment Of The Outlaw Six Now

(pic snipped from huffpost) “CRIMINAL COURT”Be it resolved in early July of 2022: Wherefore: A sick parade of democracy-murderingquasi-medieval religious commandmentshaving been issued by the perjured“conservative” RADICAL RACISTUNELECTED Majorityof US. So-Called-Supreme Court; (Plus an ELECTION-TAMPERING SCHEMEto be approved by them BEFORETHE NEXT ELECTION;) Therefore Immediately Forthwith: The Democratic Party Majority,US. House Of Representatives(while there still is one) Should scare the pizz outContinue reading “Start Impeachment Of The Outlaw Six Now”

To The Modern Enslavers Of Women

(- Written on July 4, 2022, after theUS. Supreme Court went crazy.-)(- Speaking technically, of the forms of poetry,this is a Curse Chant.-) Hey you!It’s all about your fear of forgettingyour pervert fantasy of mastery of women,isn’t it?Your fear that your fantasy could be forgotten,and with it, your whole world end,isn’t it?Yes,you are that vicious.Yes you,Witch Burner!You! (- Here is the endContinue reading “To The Modern Enslavers Of Women”

Talking With Song Birds – Help Sheet

This is from a Help Sheet i’ve added to the Singing Fish Tarot. Why do i think it’s appropriate for that deck in particular? Because i think the Singing Fish are very Shamanic.

Tarot Overview

Here is the hub for all my Tarot work. If you’re interested in the subject, you should at least browse this.

Continuing Recovery – Can I Be Whole Alone?

(- Written in June 2022.-) “Tarot World Map”The Singing Fish cards .. {-here-} This week i’m practicing for psychic fairs where i’ll be reading this summer. I’ll mainly use my new Tarot deck,the one i named the Singing Fish,which i made speak to youthru each card’s meaning,expressed in free verse on its back. I have read Tarot cards forty years,refined my understandingbyContinue reading “Continuing Recovery – Can I Be Whole Alone?”

All There Is Now Is Love

(- Started this post at 01:42 AM on 03/26/2022.-) It’s very early Sunday morning;I pondered all day, had unclear card readings,slept with great cello music playing,just now past midnight woke,read a post i was doing,and withdrew it. Since Monday i’d worked on that post,sketching out my plan for a last-ditch battlein my life-long struggle against Climate Change. But on Friday US. FascistsContinue reading “All There Is Now Is Love”

Outlaw Court

“CRIMINAL COURT”=> 06/24/2022: Roe v. Wadethrown out by “conservative”radical majority <=(pic snipped from huffpost) . . . . . .There they are, the grinning TORTURE-MURDERERSof uncountable numbers of our country’s women,but not rich women classified white, only thepoor and those classified as of color.How many millions is that? A quick search of my news feed, i find: One has a spouse whoContinue reading “Outlaw Court”

Now We’re Done For

“Cage” May Sixteen, Twenty-Twenty-Two:Shocking headline in the morning news:Moment Of Reckoning: Federal Official Warns Of Colorado River Water Supply Cuts I’ve been wondering for a long time which part of the United States we hapless humans would be driven out of first by Climate Change,causing a MASS REFUGEE CRISIS coast to coast.But that seems answered now:The Desert Southwest. SouthwesternNorth American Megadrought.. {-Wikipedia-}Continue reading “Now We’re Done For”

Museum Visitor Despairing On A Bench

(- My 11th day on this post: 06/24/2022.-) “The Tower” in Spirit Hill Tarot It’s A Pleasant Summer Afternoon,Some Years Ago Now,and the 20-something clean young man,sitting on a bench before a white picket fence,and a flower garden blooming behind that,he’s deep in DESPAIR there, dressed FarNEATER than the summer tourists. It’s a HIGH PRIORITY in my work,paid for in the ticketContinue reading “Museum Visitor Despairing On A Bench”

My Dear Child – A Poem Of Climate Collapse

[ Climate Collapse .. {-Wikipedia-} ] “Unknown Destination” :::My Dear Child, You’ll understand,I cannot write to you as often as we both would wish.Everything is so hard here. – It’s hot.The Sun here is horrible this year,and food is running low.It’s hot. We’re glad you left,despite the loneliness here, really. You see,the gardens have died now, they all died.It’s hot. – TheContinue reading “My Dear Child – A Poem Of Climate Collapse”

Necessity – Public Service Bulletin

This poem was written in 2016, during valiant Native-led resistance toghastly-dangerous and utterly sacrilegious Petroleum Pipelinesthat money-mad Corporate Criminals were then gashingacross ancient Sacred Ground in US. Great Plains. “Prophecy Of Climate Catastrophe” [ Dakota Pipeline Protests .. {-Wikipedia-} ] :::One of usshould tour our Dakota campswith a military eye,inspect the methods of supply, interview troops from both sidesof the struggle there,andContinue reading “Necessity – Public Service Bulletin”

Withdrawal Of Consent

Are you trying to open minds of right-wing folks?Consider this memoir of the Occupy Movement. Publishing History .. This blog began in April 2020… For a quick start, i adopted tons of stuff from my bigstory book “Tales Of Men And Women”, published 2016; ..For which this Occupy tale was written. .. Occupy was in2011’s warm summery autumn. .. Now in JuneContinue reading “Withdrawal Of Consent”

Our Fair Dealing Instinct In Fortunetelling

Btw: Part of the Fairbucks Concept .. {-here-} {-Free Graphics File-} My posts about: {-Fairbucks Concept-} {-Money-} =>PLEASE NOTE<=This post is an excerpt from an older one called “New EnglandStyle Fortunetelling Introduction”. .. .. I changed the formatting and added the phrase “Fair Dealing Instinct” which i’ve devised for the instinct being discussed. .. .. The older post is:: {-Here-} ^^ ^^Continue reading “Our Fair Dealing Instinct In Fortunetelling”

Fairbucks Concept Overview

Btw: Part of the Fairbucks Concept .. {-here-} {-Free Graphic File-} My posts about: {-Fairbucks Concept-} {-Money-} {-Occupy Movement-} {-Sacred Gardens-} BUT SERIOUSLY: I’m not proposing to abolish money, but for us toinvent a new kind that i’m calling “FAIRBUCKS”. We Humans have an evolved Fair Dealing Instinct from ourOld Stone Age ancestors, which modern forms of money arecarefully designed to takeContinue reading “Fairbucks Concept Overview”

Tips On Using Artist Acrylic Paint

(- My 4th day on this post: 06/09/2022 at 9:20AM.) “Prophecy Of Climate Catastrophe” – Acrylic paint plus additive. “Awaking In A Dream” – Acrylic paint plus additive. “San Diego Bay Panel B” – Acrylic paint plus additive;Inspired by Claude Monet’s “Water Lilly” paintings. “Reality” – Acrylic paint plus additive. Close-up views of more acrylic paintings .. {-Here-} ” KIDS’ CHEAP ACRYLICContinue reading “Tips On Using Artist Acrylic Paint”

Gun Massacres Unmask The Power Of Evil God Money

Btw: Part of the Fairbucks Concept .. {-here-} ~ OVERVIEW ~Even here on the Anti-Atrocity Side of USA’s internal Gun War;even now somehow, after all these latest appalling horrors;still no one mentions the GOD-LIKE POWER of MONEY.Huge bribes are reported but i’ve given up on that.Surely it’s time to personalize this malignancy. {-Free Graphic File-} My posts about:{-Money-} {-Occupy Movement-} {-Sacred Gardens-}Continue reading “Gun Massacres Unmask The Power Of Evil God Money”

The Mysterious Source Of My Yearning To Be Humane

(- My 2nd day on this blog post: 05/28/2022.-) Cover of the first edition, 1946, copied from Wikipedia. There is a great and famous bookteaching a kind and generous religion or philosophy –– written in my country, directed toward my culture,first published in my birth year –– titled “AUTOBIOGTRAPHY OF A YOGI” –– which i have never read. For i feel someContinue reading “The Mysterious Source Of My Yearning To Be Humane”

Chickens Prosper On My Low-Carb Diet

!! Don’t worry !!This morning i’m outlining more serious blog posts,but i’ve absolutely got to tell you this first,as humor is food for the Soul. Well,as you may have heard,i live next door to Free Range Chickens. ( It’s a long story:)( Last year, in desperate circumstances,)( i escaped alive from Worcester, Massachusetts;)( Good farmer friends took me in & shared whatContinue reading “Chickens Prosper On My Low-Carb Diet”

Continuing My Recovery

“The Sun” from Spirit Hill Tarot My Dear Readers;To break the silence of abuse,we must gather our broken scattered thoughtsinto a simple accurate story.-Stone Dear Abbbb; I’m thinking Cdddd ought to read the followingto improve her understanding of me,and improve the chances of our reconciliation.But I leave that up to your judgment. In any case, here it is for your information: ======OfContinue reading “Continuing My Recovery”

Don’t Hurt Nature, Don’t Hurt People, Kill The Evil God Money

Print shirt bag cup of this? Free graphics file & info at bottom! Btw: Part of the Fairbucks Concept .. {-here-} Don’t Hurt Nature, Don’t Hurt People, Kill The Evil God Money. Good Magic! I’ve finally summed upmy Anti-Capitalismin a Magic Spell! Want to print a shirt, bag, cup, sign, banner, projector slide,etc., like this? !! FREE ART !!Download the Jpg imageContinue reading “Don’t Hurt Nature, Don’t Hurt People, Kill The Evil God Money”

Shaman Tarot Journey – Series Overview

{-Last-} …. : Shaman Tarot Journey Series #0 : …. {-Next-} This series in a Pdf booklet … {} “At The Forest Gate” Acrylic on paper.My first meeting with Forest Spirits, planninghow to cooperate with the Fungi Webon Climate Catastrophe. This comes at a moment in My Old Age, and in Earth’s Climate Catastrophe, when i finally see Shamanism as what itContinue reading “Shaman Tarot Journey – Series Overview”

A Talent For Enduring

A sheet with this poem in a Pdf file … {-Here-} “House Of The Spirits”From photos of a small high-walledtraditional graveyard. I have a talent for Enduring,for just ENDURING,thru loyalty to whatever good things i can do,learned from my dear Mamma,whose loving guiding presence i feel often.I LOVE YOU, MAMMA. “Elemental Altar”An impression of ancientagricultural Nature worship. (- Here is the endContinue reading “A Talent For Enduring”

At The Focal Point Of My Current Fairy Work

(- My 1st day on this post, 04/25/2022.-) I’m certainly not a competent Numerologist,but i’ve sketched some arithmetic,and this is just about the 52nd anniversaryof my first Shamanic Initiation.Got me thru my soldier days. If memory serves,that must have been this time of year,and was certainly 1970. I had a second Shamanic Initiation, in an automobile collision,to yank my vision permanently open,probablyContinue reading “At The Focal Point Of My Current Fairy Work”

My Cartomancy Method In 2004, 2021, 2016 & 2020

{-Last-} …. : Shaman Tarot Journey Series #2 : …. {-Next-} This series in a Pdf booklet … {} “Cartomancy” I have excerpted 4 different descriptions,in different divination applications,of my Mind-Freedom method for Cartomancy(ie. divination with cards).With these instructions i mapped myexploration of Shamanic Landscape in those years. On the other hand, reading 2004’sis probably all you’ll needto do good magic. WrittenContinue reading “My Cartomancy Method In 2004, 2021, 2016 & 2020”

The Tarot Secrets I Know

They’re not really secrets, of course;Just relatively unknown. {-Last-} …. : Shaman Tarot Journey Series #1 : …. {-Next-} This series in a Pdf booklet … {} >The not-quite-secrets of Tarot reading?? “East Texas Cotton”1: Above all else: Clarify and focus your thoughts!Somehow, when your hand reaches out to pull a card, the thoughts that are foremost in your mind AT THATContinue reading “The Tarot Secrets I Know”

Friendship Series Overview – Shamanism Info

{-Last-} …. : FRIENDSHIP SERIES #1 : …. {-Next-} This post in a Pdf file … {}All the posts in 1 Pdf … {} = Telling you about the Friendship Series = “Shaman Returns With Medicine” -sr This new “Friendship Series” is about Shamanism,and Shamanic Magic in particular.– – – – – –In addition to this Overview, there are 5 other blogContinue reading “Friendship Series Overview – Shamanism Info”

Primordial Garden

{-Prior-} …. : FRIENDSHIP SERIES #3 : …. {-Next-} This post in a Pdf file … {–}All the posts in 1 Pdf … {}Excerpted from “Class Session #5”, a HUGE post .. {-Here-} Subtitle:Drum Chant Of A Shaman’s Life’s Work “Deep Verge” I have a SACRED GARDEN,small space by a neatly made house in a clearing,in verge, a rich, dense, fragrant, tall-treeContinue reading “Primordial Garden”

Describing The Fair Folk – Shamanism Info

{-Prior-} …. : FRIENDSHIP SERIES #2 : …. {-Next-} This post in a Pdf file … {}All the posts in 1 Pdf … {} == Any beginner’s introduction to SHAMANIC Magic == “Shaman Returns With Medicine”-sr = = = =Late yesterday afternoon, i checked in ata remarkable social media group i belong to;One member of which is quite astutein both astrology andContinue reading “Describing The Fair Folk – Shamanism Info”

New Drum

(-.This is also a social media post i posted this morning.-) I LOVE Remo drums from working with children,and i just bought this one for myself. .. Some friends are talking about doing sometribal drummingthis summer,and all i have till this one arrives isa beautiful little antique tambourine. .. There’s a story ofhow i lost my last proper frame drum,which was aContinue reading “New Drum”

River Otter Still In Winter Coat

(- Oh my! What a fertile period we’re jn!I need to unload this from my brain. 03/27/2022.-) A LOCAL NEWS REPORT: State Wildlife Officials say the North American River Otterwas originally very common in the state, but the weasel–related animals were virtually hunted out here,for their winter fur, by Early Settlers. Officials say: They are still seldom seen,but are staging a come-backContinue reading “River Otter Still In Winter Coat”

Pop-Up Tent Sign 2022

(-.Published here on 03/26/2022.-) FOR YOUR INFORMATION;Most every summer i paint at least a new Main Sign,for my Fortuneteller Tent set-up. Sometimes frame the front with gauzy printed cloth,but sometimes with hanging chains,of hand painted signs old and new, large and small; This one: a 16 inches wide,by 25 inches tallMain Sign. It will be Ornamentally painted,in Kids’ Cheap acrylic,on sturdy canvas,sayingContinue reading “Pop-Up Tent Sign 2022”

Mother Demeter-Minerva In Our Time

(- 03/23/2020: Starting this after a walk in Fairy Meadow -) “Our Lady Of The Elements” -sr aaaaaabbbbccc (- This is the end of this blog post so far. -)

Snow’s Almost Gone

“Elemental Altar” -sr Snow’s ALMOST gone.I’ve just walked the River Path out back clear tothe far side of Fairy Meadow, in regular shoes. .. (Wet socks tho.) ..Renewed a deal with them i made last Autumn.Finally put both feet in the last little patchof no-snow i could see, not yet in sight of the river. (-.But here is the end of thisContinue reading “Snow’s Almost Gone”

How I Cemented My Position As A Pacifist Junior Infantry Officer

{- My 12th day on this memoir, 04/06/2022. -} “The Common Soldier” by sr Fourth summer of my 6-year active duty,Fourth summer also out of Redneck High School,Fourth summer also of Vietnam, the war i didn’t go to. Suddenly i was Corporal of a Field Ambulance Squad,In a Foot Battalion set to endless mountain training,up and down the foothills of the GermanContinue reading “How I Cemented My Position As A Pacifist Junior Infantry Officer”

The Boat In The Woods

It’s an actual old-fashioned wooden rowboat;Nicely painted but submerging into dirt, as year-loads of biological forest substances fall equally into, and equallyfall all around it, .. enlarging the Fairy Mound (!!!!);(who i had to make a deal with last Autumn); Out by the Raspberry Thicket, a five minute walk, (exceptthere’s snow,) from where i’m whispering this poem of it,while i type. ~~{}~~See,Continue reading “The Boat In The Woods”

Ode To Joy – Some Links To The Music

“Democracy” Let’s add some music to deepen our sympathiesfor Free Ukraine. Official Anthem Of The European UnionLet’s consider “Ode To Joy” – Official Anthem of the EuropeanUnion, .. The organization that Tyrant Putin totally, absolutelyand utterly Fears, Despises, and Loathes; .. The PartnershipOf Nations which Ukraine’s free government, speakingfor the People of Ukraine, a free-thinking nation,shortly after Putin’s Invasion, applied to join.Continue reading “Ode To Joy – Some Links To The Music”

Ukraine, Tyrant Putin & The Nature Of Sovereignty

(-.Maybe 25% done on 03/06/2022. -) ? WHAT IS THIS BLOG POST ? This is an outgrowth of my previous post titled:“Reading The Dawn Of Everything”. That post is a serious book review of a big new WorldHistory Book, which turned out, hands down, to be theBEST World History Book i’ve ever read. So of course iput quite a lot of thinkingContinue reading “Ukraine, Tyrant Putin & The Nature Of Sovereignty”

Reading The Dawn Of Everything

?.Was It Inevitable That Humans Would Wreck Earth.? A serious review of a major book, in narrative verse. Download this .. {-Here-} .. a 24-page pdf. “In The Beginning” by sr This is about “The Dawn Of Everything”;A new book by two Scientific Scholars,who stand with me (with my Soldiering Instinct Theory too,)SQUARELY in REALITY, in the New Age Of DARWIN,Darwin, whoseContinue reading “Reading The Dawn Of Everything”

Why America’s Elites Want A New War

“Moloch” by sr “Why America’s Elites Want A New War” Remember:=>!! Nuclear War Would INCINERATE Ukraine !!<= See, i’m favorably commenting on a news article explainingWHY AMERICA’S ELITES WANT A NEW WAR. ?Why on Earth do America’s Elites want a new war? {-Here-} .. ..Visit the News Article where i saw it.And below is the comment i put on social media aboutContinue reading “Why America’s Elites Want A New War”

Grab 21 – Download Booklet Starter Pack

“Pluto” by sr :: My Favorite Download Booklets ::My fine art of the Home-Printable Narrative Verse Bookletdoes have enuf children now for me to pick favorites.They are listed here simply shortest to longest.You can keep them company for awhile. =>MY FAVORITE DOWNLOAD BOOKLETS=> “PSYCHIC CHAPLAIN CORPS RECRUITING POSTER” ..(good mutual aid idea) 1 pdf page .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-} “THEContinue reading “Grab 21 – Download Booklet Starter Pack”

Martin Luther King Jr Holiday 2022

Download this .. {-Here-} .. An 8-page pdf ****“World Of War” by sr.. .. .. ..Now starting to pull this poem together,the Sun is sinking down, this Winter Fridayenteringour USA’s Holiday for one of our Greatest Citizens::Citizen-Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.,One of the Greatest Greats whose murder I grieved.== == ==Yet this narrative will be a PERSONAL work of mine too.For IContinue reading “Martin Luther King Jr Holiday 2022”

Four Seasons – A Quartet Of Poems

Download this .. {-Here-} .. a 6-page pdf. To be slightly more informative; Here’s a fully Druidic, last-quarter Celestial,and basically Traditional,Pagan Wheel Of The Year*~!!!~* Publishing Note=> These are gathered & re-hammeredout of four larger verse works already elsewhere.Riddle Alert=> “last-quarter Celestial” meansthere are stars in the fourth poem. … .. .. .. .. .. ..~~****~~.. .. .. .. .. .. …1:Continue reading “Four Seasons – A Quartet Of Poems”

Wide Tall Deep Circularity

!!..Announcing My Next Leftist Activist Blog-Based Art Project..!! Yes, i DO mean the long-awaited important new Unifying Activizing Usage ofthe word “Circularity” to be our ACCEPTED NAME of an =>INTELLIGENT<= (yes)intellectual response (at last) to the Agonized OBVIOUS LINGERING DEATH of our BELOVED HOLY SACRED EARTH‘s entire PLANETARY BIOSPHERE; .. Yes, this is “CIRCULARITY” the promising new Unifying Activist Idea.But it’s likeContinue reading “Wide Tall Deep Circularity”

New England Style Fortunetelling Overview

Aka: Letters From The Farm Overview<Letter #12 .. .. .. .. .. .. .___[]___. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Letter #1>~~ WARNING ~~Most recent edits::Letter#11 is nicely 2-d sculpted. .. Ltr#12 totally materialized. “Fortuneteller’s Table” The full collection in an artfully designed booklet,a 48-page home-printable letter-size Pdf File,the front & back of which are shown here.=> {-Here-} <=(.This willContinue reading “New England Style Fortunetelling Overview”

Rebuilding The Hoop House?

Aka: Letters From The Farm #12<Letter #11 .. .. .. The Overview> Our last Tarot reading. I’m sure it’s time. I’ll ask; “>** Please tell us what else we should know **<” Then, to generate a reply:In our HEARTS ask it FULLY, VIVIDLY, draw a 2-card diagram;1: At the Center of our Vision put a single Spirit Hill Hexagon.2: At top, aContinue reading “Rebuilding The Hoop House?”

The Fog Will Lift

Aka: Letters From The Farm #11<Letter #10 .. Letter #12> Hodge-podge again, i’m afraid, next-to-last-letter, only 3 pages. In the prior letter i mentioned a Sci-Fi Novel that somehowcame thru my fingertips, and going thru my brain it hadlike a flashing “PROPHECY” smell thick on it. Has plenty of detail but here’s its gist .. LAND ENERGIES=>AT THE LAST MINUTE<= !?.SAVE MOTHERContinue reading “The Fog Will Lift”

The Coming Generations

Aka: Letters From The Farm #10<Letter #9 .. Letter #11>(.Almost Finished Editing.) “Robin Hood” My Dear Reader;This time, assuming that you won’t mind,i’ll tell some experiences of mine that seem to rhyme somehow;THEN, if i can, i’ll piece together what i’m talking about; Okay? But whatever it is exactly, we will focus our eyes into THE FUTURE.Yes? So i think these widelyContinue reading “The Coming Generations”

It’s Almost Next Year

Aka: Letters From The Farm #9<Letter #8 .. Letter #10> ==12:18 PM>You sent>>>Beven, my dear crewmate, i need a tech for this pellet stove. The control is DEFINITELY FRIED. But shopping for a good tech seems beyond me at this moment. I will owe you big favor if find a tech to replace the computer board of an old pellet stove. It’sContinue reading “It’s Almost Next Year”

Getting Well

Aka: Letters From The Farm #8<Letter #7 .. Letter #9> Hello. A:: Speaking as a human being, how do you expect me to feel sympathywith someone who will never, never, never apologize and explain to me,for the cruel hostilities they showed me, some quite egregious,over a period of years?? Is it even humanly possible for me to feel sympathy with such aContinue reading “Getting Well”

The Voices Here

Aka: Letters From The Farm #7<Letter #6 .. Letter #8> “Who’s There?” by sr THE VOICES, of these woods, are HALLUCINOGENIC. For me, Legal Official, Life-Saved-Medical POTHEAD,(my medicine a crime till recently in many places;)PUBLISHING MY OWN POETRY now, it’s not one bitexaggerating nor old psychedelic habits of speech;You can believe it, Freak.HALLUCINOGENIC voices here! I mean, the Usual Muses i becameContinue reading “The Voices Here”

Local Networking

Aka: Letters From The Farm #6<Letter #5 .. Letter #7> !!Hello Good Aaaaaaaaa!! When we last communicated i was in a truly dire state: Suffering a bit of Personality Disintegration at the hands of a domestic partner with apparent Bbbbbb Ccccs. No shit. You my Good Lady, on the other hand, had mentioned the extremely sane possibility of maybe taking part inContinue reading “Local Networking”

Lunar Eclipse – A Romance

Aka: Letters From The Farm #5<Letter #4 .. Letter #6> This little farm, in mountain poverty country,in a high valley by a rocky marshy river,is very near the great round MOON; i kno, for i step out my dim-lit kitchenette door,right onto my DARK, ROOFLESS front porch in a farmyard,a tidy gravel-grass field thickly surrounded by shadowy tall trees,and my eyesight’s quiteContinue reading “Lunar Eclipse – A Romance”

White Dog Spirit – A Being Of My Long Acquaintance

Aka: Letters From The Farm #4<Letter #3 .. Letter #5> “Journey” Our little series here, i had no idea how to get it started,but it started, and now we’re here. Praise my Muses!!Station Four!! And our series is like a popular kind of radio in this region:A Serious Historical Tour of True Occult Magic Stuff,but for someone thinking of taking up theContinue reading “White Dog Spirit – A Being Of My Long Acquaintance”

Revealed: My Thin Claim To Be Druid Of New England

Aka: Letters From The Farm #2<Letter #1 .. Letter #3> (Composed On USA Veterans Day 2021, While Empire Collapses) You and me, i think we got along together okay in Letter #1?That wasn’t excessively unfamiliar was it? Now it’s time for me to reveal Magic when the WAR OF TERROR got going,when it manifested “OUR” Side’s first city-killing bombing raid; But itContinue reading “Revealed: My Thin Claim To Be Druid Of New England”

New England Style Fortunetelling Introduction

Aka: Letters From The Farm #1<The Overview & Booklet .. .. .. Letter #2> “Fortuneteller’s Table”Acrylic & digital painting by Stone Riley Letters From The Farm #1 I would like to explain why that is this essay’s alternative title.I have a blog, and this essay will be my first post in several weeks,so a few Loyal Readers might be worried whether orContinue reading “New England Style Fortunetelling Introduction”

Psychic Fair 2021 – Weather Report

Here’s Your Report Of The PSYCHIC WEATHERin Central New England. Psychic Fair 2021 seemed a lot like the Old Days.In this snapshot .. Old Timers at the World Premiere ofSpirit Hill Tarot, Southern New Hampshire,Pagan Pride Day, Sept. 14, 2002, in a state forest. {- So far, this is the end of this blog post -}

Ancient Urn

This painting in an art gallery site … {-Here-} This blog post on a printable sheet … {-Here-} I displayed this painting and sheet at our Psychic Fair 2021 .. {-Here-} School kids’ cheap acrylic paint on artist canvas, 2002.The artist is 1 of about 4,000 founders of the American Pagan Movement. This old painting strikes me strongly now, with Climate CatastropheContinue reading “Ancient Urn”

Psychic Fair Collection 2021

Hello Dear Reader,I’ve copied out a bouquet of especially hopeful,idealistic and romantic posts. It is 50 pages, small enoughi can give away a few copies at our upcoming psychic fair.That’s August 7, 2021, in Enfield, New Hampshire, USA.It is located in an apple orchard behind our region’slargest Crystal Shop, near the somewhat-famousGeographic Center of New England, which is amajor center of theContinue reading “Psychic Fair Collection 2021”

Sacred Way Memorial Path – In Construction

This is my dream gardening project, and to getstarted here are a few photos from last summer. :: New Construction In Summer 2021 :::: Here Is My Pious Backyard Reenactment :::: Of The Ancient Greeks’ ELEUSIS PILGRIMAGE :: I am emerging from the Covid Plague in both Soul and Body.I’m finally doing some days of long-delayed work that’s quiteessential, more than everContinue reading “Sacred Way Memorial Path – In Construction”

Helen Smyles Character Description

Helen Smyles (shown here) also goes with other characters ::{-Here-} .. .. Juan Diego Character Description{-Here-} … Dafyd Jones Character Description !!Caution!!: .. As was commonplace in 1830’s popular entertainment::This material joyfully refers to the physical side of a loving marriage.Death lived with them, taking Loved Ones old and young constantly. The year now is 1838. Helen Smyles is a Black womanContinue reading “Helen Smyles Character Description”

Earth Energy Contact Report – Similar to UFO Report

PLEASE NOTE:: .. This is a true report. .. And i am also offering this as a rough model for journaling Earth Energy Contacts, somewhatsimilar to journaling UFO reports. -Stone Riley ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Contact is reported by Stone Riley on 05/30/2021. I have a message from the woods. .. My first “Fungi Web” contact is depicted in the attached painting.OccurredContinue reading “Earth Energy Contact Report – Similar to UFO Report”


{- creative commons 2021 sriley -}{- Gifted to the poet by Nature Spirits taking part in an invocation by Starhawk -} . .. From Worcester south to Narraganset Bay, .. Sovereign Nature, . .. .. thru the micro-braided land-forms,. .. .. looking like dripped from Odin’s Leaky Shovel, if he had one, . .. Carved and littered here by Her Glacier,. ..Continue reading “HER LAND”

Death And Temperance In Three Tarot Decks

~~!!~~ Background is a painted impression of your Alive, Calm,Body-Sense in the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony. Temperance is at right, …. The Death cards at left. Yes, it’s a life-long project, …. At Top: .. Is a brand-new pocket-size Tarot brought out 2021…. Middle Row: Was the decisive reason to learn Modern Art, 2014. .. Bottom Strata: .. 1980, Made as BasicContinue reading “Death And Temperance In Three Tarot Decks”

All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words Have Been Replaced With Comical Abbreviations

~~ Just For Your Information ~~This poem is printed on a sheet of paper in .. .. Singing Fish Pocket Tarot,And in that deck’s boxed set .. .. Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool.That sheet of paper is titled .. .. Guide To Life,And this poem’s on Page 2, in a section titled .. .. Life Is A Garden Of Verses:Short Poems To Help TheContinue reading “All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words Have Been Replaced With Comical Abbreviations”

Juan Diego Character Description

Juan Diego (shown here) also goes with other characters ::{-Here-} .. Dafyd Jones Character Description{-Here-} .. Helen Smyles Character Description FANTASTIC LUCK.!!No matter who you are, or what walk of life, .. When A Bolt of Fantastic Good Fortune wallops you, well, shucks. .. Then you’re AUTOMATICALLY Better Off. .. .(hear! hear! a round of drinks for everyone!) .. Isn’t that nice?Continue reading “Juan Diego Character Description”

Am I Maybe Addicted To My Cannabis Pain Meds?

Well, frankly, there’s an EXTREEMELY small chance, …. from psychological profile, …. .{ Combat Immunity To Addiction (in non-violent struggle) }. …. .{. Described in detail below (in case you’ve no idea at all) .}. .. An Extremely Small Likelihood, in this lifetime,for me to be an Addict of Most-Any Drug,BUT LEAST OF ALL, .. .. For !.ME.!to fall afoul of DOCTORContinue reading “Am I Maybe Addicted To My Cannabis Pain Meds?”

Grave Of Pericles Site Found

Clarification: I’ve decided where, in the forest clearing that is my back yard,in a very pious Ancient Greek religious section occupying much of the yard,that section entirely organized as a Sacred Path i walk daily now in spring,certainly my small prayerful imitation of their ELEUSIS (pronounced Elfesis)PILGRIMAGE the Old Greeks did for hundreds of years, but to different ends,they walk a dayContinue reading “Grave Of Pericles Site Found”

Alphabeticon Advert Via Social Media Post #1

.{-HERE-}.Alphabeticon Fortune Telling Tool, the main page. Starting Now,I strictly limit Social Media advertising to exactly nothing but this::.. 1: Think up something that seems pretty smart,.. 2: Tappy-tappy-type that into any Text Box with a spellcheck button,.. 3: Do spellcheck,.. 4: Copy-paste to my Social Media Public Feed Output Box,.. 5: Select “Public”,.. 6: Click “Post”. My biggest reason WHY::.. ThisContinue reading “Alphabeticon Advert Via Social Media Post #1”

Resume Letter To Dana At Matt’s

~~ Stone Riley’s Contact InfoBlah blah blah blah. ~~ Hello Dana of Matt’s Hydroponics In Webster.Good morning or good afternoon! I’m Stone Riley,the artist who visited the store last week. Please notice, from my contact info above, that Ilive in the next town over from Webster. And, asI have said, I have hopes your store might becomea community resource for local art.Continue reading “Resume Letter To Dana At Matt’s”

Finally Shopping For A Talk-Therapy Therapist

You’re free to think this is a joke, of course, especially since::THAT’S ALL I’M TYPING HERE NOW. …. Dear Reader, more later. .. For now, this Spring morning,there’s work to do on Alphabeticon.Truly more here later. ~~!!::!!~~+Well no, actually it turned out ::Conventional Talk Therapy is preciselycorrect for very very many people,Plus: In reading Tarot for folks, I pull that skill setContinue reading “Finally Shopping For A Talk-Therapy Therapist”

Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool

=>!! IMPORTANT !!<=For project IMAGES see the “IMAGE DUMP” below. The NEW EDITION Is Here ::: {-Here-} 04/25/2021 – Hello! .. This page is still in construction.This is supposed to get a lot more info and links than what you see so far,But this blog is hyper-linked internally so it’s laborious dis-&re- connecting parts. If you don’t feel that patient, try this::Continue reading “Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool”

A.Warhol Meets J.M.Basquiat, My PERSONAL View

Jean-Michel, my dear Never-Met Brother, By the time i heard your fame over on my Deep-Left side of Art,me so in hope of eschewing Yatta-Yatta for deep talk of Heart & Soul,And you had yourself publicized as a DISCOVERED PRODUCT,You publicized yourself as a HUMAN ASSET ofthe openly proudly, stupid and corrupt Andy Warhol.Andy Warhol:: .. The only NYC Art Industry ManagerContinue reading “A.Warhol Meets J.M.Basquiat, My PERSONAL View”

Boxed Game Learner’s Lesson #1

(findclue0010) Clarification: .. I’ve been making boxed games,and learning secrets of Human Nature from making them,for longer than an Average Human Being, ?perhaps like yourself?,has been alive! So right there, i’ll guess i’ve learned this or that about it. AND YET:: JUST NOW i’ve learned A BIG SURPRISEand of course, if you read this, then i’m telling YOU right away! There isContinue reading “Boxed Game Learner’s Lesson #1”

Established Artist With Boxed Game Project Offering To Write Boxed Game Reviews

A graphic from one of several booklets in my Tarot-Themed Boxed Game Project: …. “Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool” which includes “Singing Fish Pocket Tarot” …. {-Here-} .. Now i’m composing my actual Art Business, my business’s actual outgoing correspondence,i am now composing it ON THIS BLOG. Why? .. .. It’s so convenient!! =>THERE<= i clicked the PUBLISH Button! And it’s exactly true whatContinue reading “Established Artist With Boxed Game Project Offering To Write Boxed Game Reviews”

Finally Buying A Hearing Aid

!!.WOW.!! .. .. I finally, finally, .. ..(knowing what a tech in today’s world knows they can be),!BOUGHT ONE! .. .. (only 1, my Left Ear)Finally this is NEW-TECH on Bargain-Sale-Legal at $68.!!.and it’s almost in the mail now.!! !!.WOW.!! Now i ask: .. “Shall i poetize SPIRITUAL or CAPITALIST aspects of this first?”But the Ghost of Socrates shouts: .. “Intersperse themContinue reading “Finally Buying A Hearing Aid”


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