Druidry Class Discussion #4 And Professor’s Update #1

Druidry Class Discussion #4 And Professor’s Update #1 => DRUIDRY CLASS PROFESSOR’S UPDATE #1 <= First of all, I am now PROFESSOR. Because I say so.I’m going to PROFESS something at you right now.We here sitting in Driud-Self-Training-Blog CentralBlog-Coding-Chair, me in other words, we here aregenuinely embarassed, a little sorry, for the recentfall in qualityContinue reading “Druidry Class Discussion #4 And Professor’s Update #1”


THE BROTHEL SCENE >>Dear Reader,Before reading this, or immediately after, go study ROMAN COMEDY.I have once read a careful history scholar’s study, a paperback I mangled wadding up to stuff in my pockets for 3 weeks working thru my flabbergastic astonishment.(It says what????)The whole FILTHY SODDEN MESS of the Ancient Roman stage comedy genre. BunchContinue reading “THE BROTHEL SCENE”

I Was Not A Stranger

I Was Not A Stranger Hello Dear Reader. These paragraphs will be your introduction to a great many other paragraphs in this whole blog about wars, air planes, the flight of the soul, my love of song birds, my admiration for Imam Malcolm X, revolutions, and other topics. . . . . . . .Continue reading “I Was Not A Stranger”

First Of These You’ve Seen?

[: LOOK.. …ELEUSIS.. {HERE} .. …KORE.. {HERE} .. +versus+ …King Phillip 2nd Macidons.. {here} .. …His son Alexander So-Called Great.. {there} :] {-no spellcheck was used in this item-} Is this the first of these “DARK OF LIGHT BLOG POST” things you’ve seen?.. …Explanation.. This a ROMANCE NOVEL inside Ancient Goddess Demeter’s Great Mystery RitesContinue reading “First Of These You’ve Seen?”

Autumn Of The Awful Year

“But that was the autumn of the awful year…”[:The novel here begins an exploration: This novel forced on me how profoundly their society, .. (These folk ran the world’s greatest Ritual Of Female Divinity uninterrupted many generations,) .. NOT our time indeed. .. And this struck me DEEPEST: their POWER DYNAMICS were profoundly not ours,Continue reading “Autumn Of The Awful Year”

How I Learned Eye-Column Width

How I Learned Eye-Column Width ++ Dear Reader, This post is STILL under construction. In fact I am not confident anymore. .. Can this approach reach the point I thought that it could quickly reach? I’m seeking a clear illustration that FREEDOM IN OUR PERCEPTIONS CAN BRING FREEDOM OF THE MIND. I will struggle withContinue reading “How I Learned Eye-Column Width”

Great Street Art

Great Street Art {- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} So this is Frankfurt, West Germany at the intersection of the Viet Nam War, the Cold War, and my life, that’s where I did a month in jail, and it’s where I gave a quarter dollar to the VietContinue reading “Great Street Art”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Looking For Happy Ending

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Looking For Happy Ending Excerpt, Pg 10.. Looking For A Happy Ending Is Okay Purpose of this section..Looking For A Happy Ending ??Okay because.. Well-cooked Story is elastic. In American Pagan practice,the level of personal intimacy in divinationsessions, in TAROT READINGS for example,the personal intimacy there nears what it’slike inContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Looking For Happy Ending”