THE BROTHEL SCENE >>Dear Reader,Before reading this, or immediately after, go study ROMAN COMEDY.I have once read a careful history scholar’s study, a paperback I mangled wadding up to stuff in my pockets for 3 weeks working thru my flabbergastic astonishment.(It says what????)The whole FILTHY SODDEN MESS of the Ancient Roman stage comedy genre. BunchContinue reading “THE BROTHEL SCENE”

Divine Sister Hecate Unveils

Theologically selected portions of a romance novel.. .”Dark Of Light”. .. {Open.Pdf.File} .. which Our Divine Sister Hecate unveils,.. . to some extend I’m sure she did in the writing of it,.. . ..and which I fervently hope, and i think, She INTENDED to unveil HERSELF to YOU, DEAR READER,.. . ..(seriously, doContinue reading “Divine Sister Hecate Unveils”

Final Touches On Costumery

[: Relating to “Dark Of Light”, a sexy romance novel :] Your attention please. Thank you… This blog post was edited from the text starting….. .. “Of course she’d ordered special treatment for Phillipus”.. .. .. at center of paperback page 166… And ending at the text….. .. “SHE WAS WAITING FOR PHILLIPUS NAKED.”.. ..Continue reading “Final Touches On Costumery”

Two Queens In Background – Part 1

Two Queens In Background – Part 1 This is ONLY an explanation of part 2, and this is complicated.ABOUT.. “DARK OF LIGHT”: post-modern historical romance novel inside the Mysteries of Eleusis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Not in spellcheck yet. My Dear CompanionsContinue reading “Two Queens In Background – Part 1”

Conquer To Rule Wisely

“He mainly thought he wished to conquer to rule wisely..”[::Our enemies in “Dark Of Light” our novel.. …King Phillip 2nd Macedon.. {Here} …His son Alexander So-Called Great.. {Here} ..IN THIS EPISODE SEE Mistress Victory’s mere Temple Boy grow suddenly to Sacred Manhood & drives King Phillip into cowering fear, in presence of ambitious son.:] TheContinue reading “Conquer To Rule Wisely”

First Of These You’ve Seen?

[: LOOK.. …ELEUSIS.. {HERE} .. …KORE.. {HERE} .. +versus+ …King Phillip 2nd Macidons.. {here} .. …His son Alexander So-Called Great.. {there} :] {-no spellcheck was used in this item-} Is this the first of these “DARK OF LIGHT BLOG POST” things you’ve seen?.. …Explanation.. This a ROMANCE NOVEL inside Ancient Goddess Demeter’s Great Mystery RitesContinue reading “First Of These You’ve Seen?”

The Confidence Of His Beloved

The Confidence Of His Beloved “The confidence of his beloved…”[:: In our romance novel “Dark Of Light” this is the next episode following “Arithmetic”. This is again early morning of marching day, and Priestess Victory has sent her new boy, as if her squire, sent him to the Conqueror with a mysterious apple and aContinue reading “The Confidence Of His Beloved”

Autumn Of The Awful Year

“But that was the autumn of the awful year…”[:The novel here begins an exploration: This novel forced on me how profoundly their society, .. (These folk ran the world’s greatest Ritual Of Female Divinity uninterrupted many generations,) .. NOT our time indeed. .. And this struck me DEEPEST: their POWER DYNAMICS were profoundly not ours,Continue reading “Autumn Of The Awful Year”

Hesperides Estate

Hesperides Estate “Just a mile or so beyond the narrow bridge…”[:: We are in a long and satisfying chapter of astonishing details telling how Eleusis utterly overwhelmed the would-be Conqueror’s soul… Right now, in the previous episode, King Phillipus was in prayer beside the road and swore to forsake his manly pride to follow whateverContinue reading “Hesperides Estate”

Bridge To Hesperides

“Up from the human city through the sacred gate…”[:::::: This episode begins a chapter on the Conqueror’s experiences on the march.::][:: Hesperides explained.. {Here} ::]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12: Episode Ten: Garden Of The Hesperides Up from the human city through the sacred gate; out upon the sacred road among the orchards; there at last the great procession somehowContinue reading “Bridge To Hesperides”