Divine Sister Hecate Wrapping Up

Divine Sister Hecate Wrapping Up {-HECATE LIVES!! hello i am typing directly in a text box !!nose speklcheke ever!! creative commons 2020 !thank you for your trust! -SR-} +search landing area=>hecate etaceh<= aera gnidnal hcraes+This post associates with “Sister Hecate Unveils”.. {Here} Thru this study of Divine Sister Hecate, …. Called Our Mother Demeter’s EldestContinue reading “Divine Sister Hecate Wrapping Up”

Hecate In My Boot Camp Days

Hecate In My Boot Camp Days Landing.for.text.search=> HECATE ETACEH <=hcraes.txet.rof.gnidnaL +++++++++++++++++++ Now Here..+ I am posting a memoir chapter of my “Army Stories” book,+ even while I also try very hard to wrap up excerpts from+ post-modern ancient mystery romance “Dark Of Light”++ And me especially trying to wrap up our study of+ Our DivineContinue reading “Hecate In My Boot Camp Days”

Divine Sister Hecate Owns The Road

!!nose speklcheck ever!! !!i am typing directly into a text box!! Is this the first of these “Divine Sister Hecate Posts” you’ve seen?I won’t bother explaining EVERYTHING AGAIN so either pizzof or catch up. In this analysis of the astonishing text we’re getting all this from, “Dark Of Light”, post-modern historical sexy romance novel INSIDEContinue reading “Divine Sister Hecate Owns The Road”


THE BROTHEL SCENE >>Dear Reader,Before reading this, or immediately after, go study ROMAN COMEDY.I have once read a careful history scholar’s study, a paperback I mangled wadding up to stuff in my pockets for 3 weeks working thru my flabbergastic astonishment.(It says what????)The whole FILTHY SODDEN MESS of the Ancient Roman stage comedy genre. BunchContinue reading “THE BROTHEL SCENE”

Hesperides Estate

Hesperides Estate “Just a mile or so beyond the narrow bridge…”[:: We are in a long and satisfying chapter of astonishing details telling how Eleusis utterly overwhelmed the would-be Conqueror’s soul… Right now, in the previous episode, King Phillipus was in prayer beside the road and swore to forsake his manly pride to follow whateverContinue reading “Hesperides Estate”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Figure Out Who’s Talking

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Figure Out Who’s Talking [:: Rabindranath Tagore explained….. {Here} ::] Excerpt, Pg 6.. Figure Out Who’s Talking Another Example of..Figure out who’s talking, thus gainClarity and the Freedom of CouragePLUS.. Daring to be a Story character But about my friend and me, our ( cracked? unlikely? ) hurried Bernie presidentialContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Figure Out Who’s Talking”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Morphing The Whole World

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Morphing The Whole World Excerpt, Pg 11.. Morphing The Whole World Purpose of this section.. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? What About Changing?? ? THE FUTURE??? OF THE WHOLE WORLD?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Dear Reader, caution! If you are aCautious Person, evenContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Morphing The Whole World”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic Excerpt, Pg 8.. Time Can Become Epic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Purpose of this section..~ Time Can Become Epic In Story World,~ When Community Soul Ignites~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well-cooked Story is elastic.Warning.. I’m going to use another examplefrom my own life, another Real Artist story.Why not? I am your coach. I’llContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic”

Korean Shamanic Silks #2

Korean Shamanic Silks #2 {- longer prosodic memoir stone riley creative commons 2020 -} Jumble sale in a church hall.. Lovely memory of a humble scene. Me a discharged veteran, certainly poor in a city, with a healthy baby, and a woman in health that is very poor, us going about our business, seeking inexpensiveContinue reading “Korean Shamanic Silks #2”

Korean Shamanic Silks

Please Note:Explaining the strange opening paragraph:This was written to be printed on a sheet of poetic stories.First i wrote an ironic piece on the other side,about how i entered a Facist Art Contest and won $100! (-here-) This opens by saying it’s very opposite of that. : Please NoteI’m putting this here on the flipContinue reading “Korean Shamanic Silks”