Divine Sister Hecate Wrapping Up

Divine Sister Hecate Wrapping Up {-HECATE LIVES!! hello i am typing directly in a text box !!nose speklcheke ever!! creative commons 2020 !thank you for your trust! -SR-} +search landing area=>hecate etaceh<= aera gnidnal hcraes+This post associates with “Sister Hecate Unveils”.. {Here} Thru this study of Divine Sister Hecate, …. Called Our Mother Demeter’s EldestContinue reading “Divine Sister Hecate Wrapping Up”

All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words

All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words !!creative commons 2020 -sr!! !!Nose speklcheck ever!! ##””Children & Parents Note: All the least-acceptable dirty #### words have been replaced with comical abbreviations.””#### That is a motto on our masthead and a public promise. .## IF YOU…. .. Are seeing this blog post in its native habitat, .. LikeContinue reading “All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words”

Divine Sister Hecate Unveils

Theologically selected portions of a romance novel.. .”Dark Of Light”. .. {Open.Pdf.File} .. ..in which Our Divine Sister Hecate unveils,.. . ..as to some extend I’m sure she did in the writing of it,.. . ..and which I fervently hope, and i think, She INTENDED to unveil HERSELF to YOU, DEAR READER,.. . ..(seriously, doContinue reading “Divine Sister Hecate Unveils”

How I Learned Eye-Column Width

How I Learned Eye-Column Width ++ Dear Reader, This post is STILL under construction. In fact I am not confident anymore. .. Can this approach reach the point I thought that it could quickly reach? I’m seeking a clear illustration that FREEDOM IN OUR PERCEPTIONS CAN BRING FREEDOM OF THE MIND. I will struggle withContinue reading “How I Learned Eye-Column Width”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Distribution Scheme

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Distribution Scheme Excerpt, Pg 18.. Distribution Scheme For “Tell The Sorrow Joy” Purpose of this section…This Booklet – Distribution Scheme {-personal-} Surely you and I are friends bynow, good friends, Dear Reader. We are.After all that we’ve been thru together.(We’re on page 18 out of total 18 !!!) Allthese paragraphsContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Distribution Scheme”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – My Sethian View Of Joy

Tell The Sorrow Joy – My Sethian View Of Joy Excerpt, Pg 13.. My Sethian View Of Joy And, well, another Occult thing,Dear Seeker… See, with all the cataclysmic events of recentdecades I have become an !! ARDENT !!and bold adherent of the Seth Material .. {Here}philosophical community,where I was an occasional wandering dilettante{-“eater atContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – My Sethian View Of Joy”

Druidry Class Discussion #3a – Evolved Human Story Instinct

Druidry Class Discussion #3a – Evolved Human Story Instinct {-!!no spellcheck was used in this typing!!-}Druidry Class Note.. NEW SUBJECT MATTER HAS BEEN INSTALLED :: DISCUSSION#3 :: the prior subject matter for discussion #3 was cancelled without explanation :: {Here} :: so that’s that :::: + + but we’re STILL USING THE SAME PROLOGUE asContinue reading “Druidry Class Discussion #3a – Evolved Human Story Instinct”

To Make A World

To Make A World – Get Media .. A long prosodic essay on Earth, magic, poetry, climate change, and politics. AUDIO of the author reading this material.. .. {-PLAY-} ..or.. {-SAVE-} .. ..Playing opens and runs the Mp3 file. .. Saving gets the same Mp3 file inside a zipped folder, so it won’t open automatically.Continue reading “To Make A World”