The Mysterious Source Of My Yearning To Be Humane

(- My 2nd day on this blog post: 05/28/2022.-)

Cover of the first edition, 1946, copied from Wikipedia.

There is a great and famous book
teaching a kind and generous religion or philosophy –
– written in my country, directed toward my culture,
first published in my birth year –
– which i have never read.

For i feel some profound relationship
with this book or its author,
which perhaps i must understand first as preparation.

And so far this is all a mystery to me.
.. And yet ..
i recently saw a well-made documentary film,
which set me thinking.

“Blessed Head Of Bran” – 2004, Acrylic on assembled canvas -sr

What Can I Say Of ANCIENT BRITISH Religion?

I can certainly describe my practice of it in a revived form.

But Archaeology, together with the scholarly field called
Comparative Mythology, make new discoveries so fast
that i can’t possibly keep up with the past.

So how can i give validity to my revived form?

First: Ancient times in Britain were not so long ago, and
plenty of written records have survived. .. Next: In the old
records find a believable description of a major practice
that baffles me utterly. .. Finally: Make art to reproduce
that practice inside my mind, and stare at the art.

( I can’t re-enact the baffling practice physically,
altho i’d rather do that if i could,
because it’s no longer Socially Acceptable. )

See, we remember our honored dead with photos or
statues. They’d remove the head of some especially
honored dead, preserve it in a box of perfumed
oil, then consult it as a Family Oracle.

Maybe you can sympathize with that, or maybe not,
but you’d get arrested if you did it. So i made that
painting and sat staring in its face. Turned out,
it was an oracle for me.

So what happened?

Now years later, i fully realize i am re-incarnated
from that Ancient British age.
But while staring in that face it was MY face,
and that looked like a clue to larger knowledge.

Then i felt the larger knowledge in me like a seed
i’d inhaled. Over years it spoke, i learned to trust its
voice, then that trust grew into my spiritual practice.

Well, by some ASTONISHING Coincidence, my practice
is pretty much !>IDENTICAL To What THE BOOK TEACHES<!

[or at least identical to what everyone says it teaches]
?Who saw?
?that coming?

So now

(- more words here -)

: :
(- Eventually i’ll find the end of this essay.-)

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