Mysteries Of Holy Mother Demeter At Eleusis – Novelist’s Overview

Wikipedia article .. {-Here-} My novel’s Overview Page .. {-Here-} My novelette written for research While i Was Writing That Novel .. {-Here-} One-act stage play, death of King Arthur’s mythic father, in Goddess arms .. {-Here-} ~~ And with faith in myself as RESEARCH WORKER .. ~~ For the first time i hereby PublishContinue reading “Mysteries Of Holy Mother Demeter At Eleusis – Novelist’s Overview”

Divine Sister Hecate Wrapping Up

Divine Sister Hecate Wrapping Up {-HECATE LIVES!! hello i am typing directly in a text box !!nose speklcheke ever!! creative commons 2020 !thank you for your trust! -SR-} +search landing area=>hecate etaceh<= aera gnidnal hcraes+This post associates with “Sister Hecate Unveils”.. {Here} Thru this study of Divine Sister Hecate, …. Called Our Mother Demeter’s EldestContinue reading “Divine Sister Hecate Wrapping Up”

Hecate In My Boot Camp Days

Hecate In My Boot Camp Days> HECATE ETACEH <=hcraes.txet.rof.gnidnaL +++++++++++++++++++ Now Here..+ I am posting a memoir chapter of my “Army Stories” book,+ even while I also try very hard to wrap up excerpts from+ post-modern ancient mystery romance “Dark Of Light”++ And me especially trying to wrap up our study of+ Our DivineContinue reading “Hecate In My Boot Camp Days”

Divine Sister Hecate Owns The Road

!!nose speklcheck ever!! !!i am typing directly into a text box!! Is this the first of these “Divine Sister Hecate Posts” you’ve seen?I won’t bother explaining EVERYTHING AGAIN so either pizzof or catch up. In this analysis of the astonishing text we’re getting all this from, “Dark Of Light”, post-modern historical sexy romance novel INSIDEContinue reading “Divine Sister Hecate Owns The Road”


THE BROTHEL SCENE >>Dear Reader,Before reading this, or immediately after, go study ROMAN COMEDY.I have once read a careful history scholar’s study, a paperback I mangled wadding up to stuff in my pockets for 3 weeks working thru my flabbergastic astonishment.(It says what????)The whole FILTHY SODDEN MESS of the Ancient Roman stage comedy genre. BunchContinue reading “THE BROTHEL SCENE”

Divine Sister Hecate Unveils

Theologically selected portions of a romance novel.. .”Dark Of Light”. .. {Open.Pdf.File} .. which Our Divine Sister Hecate unveils,.. . to some extend I’m sure she did in the writing of it,.. . ..and which I fervently hope, and i think, She INTENDED to unveil HERSELF to YOU, DEAR READER,.. . ..(seriously, doContinue reading “Divine Sister Hecate Unveils”

Two Queens In Background – Part 2

Two Queens In Background – Part 2 This will be a readers’ index for “Dark Of Light” our organically complex romance novel inside the greatest DIVINE FEMALE MYSTERY RITES of Ancient Greece. The novel itself is extremely mysterious and I hope this will help.This may focus on two figures of the Divine Female that seemContinue reading “Two Queens In Background – Part 2”

Two Queens In Background – Part 1

Two Queens In Background – Part 1 This is ONLY an explanation of part 2, and this is complicated.ABOUT.. “DARK OF LIGHT”: post-modern historical romance novel inside the Mysteries of Eleusis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Not in spellcheck yet. My Dear CompanionsContinue reading “Two Queens In Background – Part 1”

Cute Couple

Cute Couple “How do cute couples get together? They share a hobby.”{- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} [:: Here in ..“Dark Of Light”.. my post-modern romance novel there is this episode has its own chapter all to itself,.. The chapter has the title.. “18: Episode Fourteen Point TwoContinue reading “Cute Couple”

Money Poems

Money Poems {- poems stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Money Is Bad Magic” And I’m speaking as aprofessional Occult Magician, ofthe type that calls Jane Roberts Hero, aretired professional Software Engineer, andfull-time Amateur Historian. I’ve got credentials as long as your armin exactly this field. You understand, IContinue reading “Money Poems”