Gun Massacres Unmask The Power Of Evil God Money

Btw: Part of the Fairbucks Concept .. {-here-} ~ OVERVIEW ~Even here on the Anti-Atrocity Side of USA’s internal Gun War;even now somehow, after all these latest appalling horrors;still no one mentions the GOD-LIKE POWER of MONEY.Huge bribes are reported but i’ve given up on that.Surely it’s time to personalize this malignancy. {-Free Graphic File-}Continue reading “Gun Massacres Unmask The Power Of Evil God Money”

Finally Shopping For A Talk-Therapy Therapist

You’re free to think this is a joke, of course, especially since::THAT’S ALL I’M TYPING HERE NOW. …. Dear Reader, more later. .. For now, this Spring morning,there’s work to do on Alphabeticon.Truly more here later. ~~!!::!!~~+Well no, actually it turned out ::Conventional Talk Therapy is preciselycorrect for very very many people,Plus: In reading TarotContinue reading “Finally Shopping For A Talk-Therapy Therapist”

Whiteness, The Fantasy, Distill It Away?

:: Before the storytelling starts, :::::: Here’s the essay’s purpose. ::::(-This is Part#1-) The Political Fantasy of White Supremacy,!!.Sooner Or Later, We MUST Somehow Transform It.!!=> ? HOW ? <=And i’m constructing this on a recent insight,realizing that the Capitol Riot of Jan 6th,THAT was a Good Old FashionedHOLIDAY USALYNCHING FESTIVAL.And that has brought toContinue reading “Whiteness, The Fantasy, Distill It Away?”

Human Story Instinct – Amateur Science Theory Overview

A “HUMAN STORY INSTINCT” Theory~ Professional Artist extending Dutton’s “Art Instinct” Book. ~~ For Dutton’s theory catalyzed all my work along this line. ~ ~ A theory in the Evolution, thru Nature, of the Details of the Human Mind. ~~ Hearing, Understanding, and Acting STORIES, is CENTRAL to Human life.~~ BY.. A BONO FIDE AMERICANContinue reading “Human Story Instinct – Amateur Science Theory Overview”

Paleolithic Corporal – Amateur Science Theory Overview

A “PALEOLITHIC CORPORAL” Theory~ Could be called like “HUMAN NATURAL ANARCHIST SOLDIER INSTINCT”, etc. ~~ A theory in the Evolution, thru Nature, of the Details of the Human Mind. ~~ BY.. A Scientifically Inclined old Paleolithic Corporal in person. ~~ Thru Scholarly Study and Decades of Field Observations. ~ SORRY, YES, SORRY,This Science Item isContinue reading “Paleolithic Corporal – Amateur Science Theory Overview”

Where From My Magic?

This is 1 day (!!!!) before my class “we should be a psychic corps”.And if you don’t know what i’m talking about don’t bother. And in the script, lean at about a 30-minute script, in there i solemnly have promised whoever shows up, a 25-minute Free Discussion, in exactly a 60-minute time slot.Yes, i’m aContinue reading “Where From My Magic?”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Morphing The Whole World

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Morphing The Whole World Excerpt, Pg 11.. Morphing The Whole World Purpose of this section.. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? What About Changing?? ? THE FUTURE??? OF THE WHOLE WORLD?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Dear Reader, caution! If you are aCautious Person, evenContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Morphing The Whole World”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic Excerpt, Pg 8.. Time Can Become Epic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Purpose of this section..~ Time Can Become Epic In Story World,~ When Community Soul Ignites~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well-cooked Story is elastic.Warning.. I’m going to use another examplefrom my own life, another Real Artist story.Why not? I am your coach. I’llContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic”

16. General Concluding Remarks

General Concluding Remarks From the booklet.. “Reading Poems In Zen Temple” … Part of “Poems For The Future”{-poem stone riley creative commons 2020 more creds are at bottom -} Open or save the 12-page Pdf file.. .. {Here} ~ : ~~~~ : ~Thank you, thank you, thank you, For welcoming an old Druid to thisContinue reading “16. General Concluding Remarks”

01. General Introductory Remarks

General Introductory Remarksfrom the booklet “Reading Poems In Zen Temple”Part of booklet series “Poems For The Future” Hello everyone. Here’s something I alwayssay at the end of a Tarot Card reading,or that kind of thing, at the end of it,no matter how it went. Tho in honesty my first time working ina roadside psychic fair,IContinue reading “01. General Introductory Remarks”