New England Style Fortunetelling Introduction

Aka: Letters From The Farm #1<The Overview & Booklet .. .. .. Letter #2> “Fortuneteller’s Table”Acrylic & digital painting by Stone Riley Letters From The Farm #1 I would like to explain why that is this essay’s alternative title.I have a blog, and this essay will be my first post in several weeks,so a fewContinue reading “New England Style Fortunetelling Introduction”

Psychic Fair 2021 – Weather Report

Here’s Your Report Of The PSYCHIC WEATHERin Central New England. Psychic Fair 2021 seemed a lot like the Old Days.In this snapshot .. Old Timers at the World Premiere ofSpirit Hill Tarot, Southern New Hampshire,Pagan Pride Day, Sept. 14, 2002, in a state forest. {- So far, this is the end of this blog postContinue reading “Psychic Fair 2021 – Weather Report”

Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool

=>!! IMPORTANT !!<=For project IMAGES see the “IMAGE DUMP” below. The NEW EDITION Is Here ::: {-Here-} 04/25/2021 – Hello! .. This page is still in construction.This is supposed to get a lot more info and links than what you see so far,But this blog is hyper-linked internally so it’s laborious dis-&re- connecting parts. IfContinue reading “Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool”

The New AFT – First Results

The new final edition of “ALPHABETICON FORTUNE TELLING TOOL”here are FIRST ART WORKS in the push for its New Edition, Final.That’s what this project, and this blog about it, IS.!!~!!And ya kno? that’s what i mean.Don’t overestimate this blog post, please.Hello Dear Friends of WAFT Worcester, Mass.!!No this is not only just a Poetic FancyContinue reading “The New AFT – First Results”

Last Stand Of The Hobby Of Holiday Lynching

Part #1:: These Holiday Lynching Enthusiasts are NOT soldiers.Not the same thing, good we should understand it.Want a war-resisting soldier’s serious military analysis??Well, sorry, but that IS IT.:Yes. Our nation’s Capitol fellto Napoleon’s Buffoon Dragoons,2 or 3 amorphous regiments of them,accoutered in shoulder-fired machine guns,with fashionable hobby fandom festival clothes… Fug it all, yes.>>>>>?? ShallContinue reading “Last Stand Of The Hobby Of Holiday Lynching”

So-Called-Modern Druidry

You might wonder at the title’s turn of phrase, “Modern Druidry”or if you don’t, i guess your curiosity is just not informed enuf,for that sure seems a contra-perplex of temporal ambiguities,a contradiction of terms so vast, i guess you might well wonderwhat on Earth i’m getting on about. For, typical of me, is thisparagraph, andContinue reading “So-Called-Modern Druidry”

Psychic Chaplaincy Corps – A Poster

!! Print your own copy of the Provisional Semi-Official Poster !! ** just in case you’re interested .. this ENTIRELY optional **(. 1-page .. black-ink-only .. US. letter-size .. pdf file .) .. INSTRUCTIONS .. Below, either click the Download button,or copy-paste the address into your browser { end of blog post }

Psychic Chaplaincy Corps – UnDisambiguation Page

!! My Class At Changing Times Changing Worlds Was Last Sunday !!.. Presented :: For Earth’s desperate Emergency, my cherished idea …. We form an Honor League of Diviners in Public Service, ..!!.Yes, Hero Comic Book Style.!!(!.So here are some resources i have on hand.!) The Class Video will live here when it’sfreed from UTubeContinue reading “Psychic Chaplaincy Corps – UnDisambiguation Page”