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  • Compassionate Tarot Companion – Book Overview
    Front Cover The paperback for sale .. {-here-} Free complete pdf file .. {-here-} It will open in your browser. ~~ TEXT ON THE BACK COVER ~~ Compassionate Tarot CompanionStone RileyWritten in the crisis year 2022. Divination: Practical advice, theory, memoir, and politicsof it; by an expert with unique skills and experience. New England, USA has strong traditions of bothliberal democracy andContinue reading “Compassionate Tarot Companion – Book Overview”
  • Near Shore Of The Universe
    “Cornucopia” I’ve recently begun attending the Central New Hampshire Storytellers Guild and our annual show was yesterday afternoon. Each member there stood up and storytold for a minimum of seven, and a maximum of ten, minutes, and my contribution is below. It’s gathered from several places in my new book “Compassionate Tarot Companion”, and it was well received. ~~ Spoken informally toContinue reading “Near Shore Of The Universe”
  • How Does Fascism Rise In A Country?
    First a large group of people yearn to believe their liveshave meaning. Then their natural human instinct for village defensesoldiering is aroused by a pitiless lying sadist. (- Here is the end of this blog post.-)
  • Who Am I? (Autumn 2022)
    Please forgive my absence. It’s been a month since i published on this blog, becausei’ve been fully occupied with other writing and visual art.The big thing is my new “Compassionate Tarot Handbook”together with bits and pieces around getting it published.But this post is from a smaller project. New England’s biggest Psychic Fair is next month and this year i’ve finally rented aContinue reading “Who Am I? (Autumn 2022)”
  • My Town’s History Museum
    From the journal of my new book’s publicity campaign.
  • Compassionate Tarot Handbook – Book Overview
    Look Out! I changed this book’s name to Compassionate Tarot Companion. Please see the post with that name. Thanks
  • My Art Gallery Link
    Convenient link to my place for displaying paintings and similar work.
  • Shamanism And A Psychic Fair
    “Shamanism” is a scientific word from Anthropology, and the Anthropologists define it broadly, including certain practices in all the varied Human cultures. What we do qualifies for inclusion.
  • My Paperback Book Store Link
    How to browse or buy my paperback books.
  • Description From Its Main Page – Singing Fish Tarot
    My most recent deck: It’s main page is on the retail publishing site, and this blog post contains the description copied from there.
  • Description From Its Main Page – Spirit Hill Tarot
    My second deck: It’s main page is on the retail publishing site, and this blog post contains the description copied from there.
  • Description From Its Main Page – The Simple Tarot
    My first deck: It’s main page is on the retail publishing site, and this blog post contains the description copied from there.
  • Concise Statement Of My Beef With The Army
    Please note:“Beef” is my generation’s military slangfor aserious disagreement that might or did come to blows. Yes i kno,It was so long ago and still i write about it a lot. But you understand:When you wrestle a giant but stupid octopus,it makes some moves so easily fended off,that you put them out of mind for years,and only see the horror of themContinue reading “Concise Statement Of My Beef With The Army”
  • 11:00 PM Poem
    No excerpt.
  • The Birth Of The Universe & The Wilmington Massacre
    The Birth Of The Universe,13.7 billion years ago,all things created. {-wikipedia-} The Wilmington White SupremacistMassacre of 1898, possibly300 people murdered. {-wikipedia-} ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~I might maybe claim to be a Semi-Pro Historian,having taught at a great History Museum,though in unpaid volunteer position.BUT: I have done serious studyof the US. Civil War. .. Why?My childhood was in the Jim Crow racist South.Continue reading “The Birth Of The Universe & The Wilmington Massacre”
  • Primordial Lament
    No excerpt.
  • A Blood-Covered Child
    No excerpt.
  • Start Impeachment Of The Outlaw Six Now
    (pic snipped from huffpost) “CRIMINAL COURT”Be it resolved in early July of 2022: Wherefore: A sick parade of democracy-murderingquasi-medieval religious commandmentshaving been issued by the perjured“conservative” RADICAL RACISTUNELECTED Majorityof US. So-Called-Supreme Court; (Plus an ELECTION-TAMPERING SCHEMEto be approved by them BEFORETHE NEXT ELECTION;) Therefore Immediately Forthwith: The Democratic Party Majority,US. House Of Representatives(while there still is one) Should scare the pizz outContinue reading “Start Impeachment Of The Outlaw Six Now”
  • To The Modern Enslavers Of Women
    (- Written on July 4, 2022, after theUS. Supreme Court went crazy.-)(- Speaking technically, of the forms of poetry,this is a Curse Chant.-) Hey you!It’s all about your fear of forgettingyour pervert fantasy of mastery of women,isn’t it?Your fear that your fantasy could be forgotten,and with it, your whole world end,isn’t it?Yes,you are that vicious.Yes you,Witch Burner!You! (- Here is the endContinue reading “To The Modern Enslavers Of Women”
  • Talking With Song Birds – Help Sheet
    This is from a Help Sheet i’ve added to the Singing Fish Tarot. Why do i think it’s appropriate for that deck in particular? Because i think the Singing Fish are very Shamanic.
  • Tarot Overview
    Here is the hub for all my Tarot work. If you’re interested in the subject, you should at least browse this.
  • Continuing Recovery – Can I Be Whole Alone?
    (- Written in June 2022.-) “Tarot World Map”The Singing Fish cards .. {-here-} This week i’m practicing for psychic fairs where i’ll be reading this summer. I’ll mainly use my new Tarot deck,the one i named the Singing Fish,which i made speak to youthru each card’s meaning,expressed in free verse on its back. I have read Tarot cards forty years,refined my understandingbyContinue reading “Continuing Recovery – Can I Be Whole Alone?”
  • All There Is Now Is Love
    (- Started this post at 01:42 AM on 03/26/2022.-) It’s very early Sunday morning;I pondered all day, had unclear card readings,slept with great cello music playing,just now past midnight woke,read a post i was doing,and withdrew it. Since Monday i’d worked on that post,sketching out my plan for a last-ditch battlein my life-long struggle against Climate Change. But on Friday US. FascistsContinue reading “All There Is Now Is Love”
  • Outlaw Court
    “CRIMINAL COURT”=> 06/24/2022: Roe v. Wadethrown out by “conservative”radical majority <=(pic snipped from huffpost) . . . . . .There they are, the grinning TORTURE-MURDERERSof uncountable numbers of our country’s women,but not rich women classified white, only thepoor and those classified as of color.How many millions is that? A quick search of my news feed, i find: One has a spouse whoContinue reading “Outlaw Court”

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