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  • Martin Luther King Jr Holiday 2022
    The early partial draft that was here vanished but a better version will soon appear.
  • Four Seasons – A Quartet Of Poems
    To be slightly more informative; Here’s a fully Druidic, last-quarter Celestial,and basically Traditional,Pagan Wheel Of The Year*~!!!~* Publishing Note=> These are gathered & re-hammeredout of four larger verse works already elsewhere.Riddle Alert=> “last-quarter Celestial” meansthere are stars in the fourth poem. … .. .. .. .. .. ..~~****~~.. .. .. .. .. .. …1: Spring .. “Primordial Garden” (a sacred hymn) “Poppy”Continue reading “Four Seasons – A Quartet Of Poems”
  • Wide Tall Deep Circularity
    !!..Announcing My Next Leftist Activist Blog-Based Art Project..!! Yes, i DO mean the long-awaited important new Unifying Activizing Usage ofthe word “Circularity” to be our ACCEPTED NAME of an =>INTELLIGENT<= (yes)intellectual response (at last) to the Agonized OBVIOUS LINGERING DEATH of our BELOVED HOLY SACRED EARTH‘s entire PLANETARY BIOSPHERE; .. Yes, this is “CIRCULARITY” the promising new Unifying Activist Idea.But it’s likeContinue reading “Wide Tall Deep Circularity”
  • New England Style Fortunetelling Overview
    Aka: Letters From The Farm Overview<Letter #12 .. .. .. .. .. .. .___[]___. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Letter #1>~~ WARNING ~~Most recent edits::Letter#11 is nicely 2-d sculpted. .. Ltr#12 totally materialized. The full collection in an artfully designed booklet,a 48-page home-printable letter-size Pdf File,the front & back of which are shown here.=> {-Here-} <=(.This will probably openContinue reading “New England Style Fortunetelling Overview”
  • Rebuilding The Hoop House?
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #12<Letter #11 .. .. .. The Overview> Our last Tarot reading. I’m sure it’s time. I’ll ask; “>** Please tell us what else we should know **<” Then, to generate a reply:In our HEARTS ask it FULLY, VIVIDLY, draw a 2-card diagram;1: At the Center of our Vision put a single Spirit Hill Hexagon.2: At top, aContinue reading “Rebuilding The Hoop House?”
  • The Fog Will Lift
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #11<Letter #10 .. Letter #12> Hodge-podge again, i’m afraid, next-to-last-letter, only 3 pages. In the prior letter i mentioned a Sci-Fi Novel that somehowcame thru my fingertips, and going thru my brain it hadlike a flashing “PROPHECY” smell thick on it. Has plenty of detail but here’s its gist .. LAND ENERGIES=>AT THE LAST MINUTE<= !?.SAVE MOTHERContinue reading “The Fog Will Lift”
  • The Coming Generations
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #10<Letter #9 .. Letter #11>(.Almost Finished Editing.) My Dear Reader;This time, assuming that you won’t mind,i’ll tell some experiences of mine that seem to rhyme somehow;THEN, if i can, i’ll piece together what i’m talking about; Okay? But whatever it is exactly, we will focus our eyes into THE FUTURE.Yes? So i think these widely varied eventsContinue reading “The Coming Generations”
  • It’s Almost Next Year
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #9<Letter #8 .. Letter #10> ==12:18 PM>You sent>>>Beven, my dear crewmate, i need a tech for this pellet stove. The control is DEFINITELY FRIED. But shopping for a good tech seems beyond me at this moment. I will owe you big favor if find a tech to replace the computer board of an old pellet stove. It’sContinue reading “It’s Almost Next Year”
  • Getting Well
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #8<Letter #7 .. Letter #9> Hello. A:: Speaking as a human being, how do you expect me to feel sympathywith someone who will never, never, never apologize and explain to me,for the cruel hostilities they showed me, some quite egregious,over a period of years?? Is it even humanly possible for me to feel sympathy with such aContinue reading “Getting Well”
  • The Voices Here
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #7<Letter #6 .. Letter #8> THE VOICES, of these woods, are HALLUCINOGENIC. For me, Legal Official, Life-Saved-Medical POTHEAD,(my medicine a crime till recently in many places;)PUBLISHING MY OWN POETRY now, it’s not one bitexaggerating nor old psychedelic habits of speech;You can believe it, Freak.HALLUCINOGENIC voices here! I mean, the Usual Muses i became accustomed to,living in NewContinue reading “The Voices Here”
  • Local Networking
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #6<Letter #5 .. Letter #7> !!Hello Good Aaaaaaaaa!! When we last communicated i was in a truly dire state: Suffering a bit of Personality Disintegration at the hands of a domestic partner with apparent Bbbbbb Ccccs. No shit. You my Good Lady, on the other hand, had mentioned the extremely sane possibility of maybe taking part inContinue reading “Local Networking”
  • Lunar Eclipse – A Romance
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #5<Letter #4 .. Letter #6> This little farm, in mountain poverty country,in a high valley by a rocky marshy river,is very near the great round MOON; i kno, for i step out my dim-lit kitchenette door,right onto my DARK, ROOFLESS front porch in a farmyard,a tidy gravel-grass field thickly surrounded by shadowy tall trees,and my eyesight’s quiteContinue reading “Lunar Eclipse – A Romance”
  • White Dog Spirit – A Being Of My Long Acquaintance
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #4<Letter #3 .. Letter #5> Our little series here, i had no idea how to get it started,but it started, and now we’re here. Praise my Muses!!Station Four!! And our series is like a popular kind of radio in this region:A Serious Historical Tour of True Occult Magic Stuff,but for someone thinking of taking up the work,withContinue reading “White Dog Spirit – A Being Of My Long Acquaintance”
  • Should I Give My Disease A Personal Name Now?
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #3<Letter #2 .. Letter #4> My Disease; Is it time for me, in giving it a name,to grant a seat not only at my Funeral, Dear Reader, excuse me;I’m too busy right now, but i WILL get back here and explainthis joke to you at My First Convenience, i will. I kno, i do. It’s onlyi HAVEContinue reading “Should I Give My Disease A Personal Name Now?”
  • Revealed: My Thin Claim To Be Druid Of New England
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #2<Letter #1 .. Letter #3> (Composed On USA Veterans Day 2021, While Empire Collapses) You and me, i think we got along together okay in Letter #1?That wasn’t excessively unfamiliar was it? Now it’s time for me to reveal Magic when the WAR OF TERROR got going,when it manifested “OUR” Side’s first city-killing bombing raid; But itContinue reading “Revealed: My Thin Claim To Be Druid Of New England”
  • New England Style Fortunetelling Introduction
    Aka: Letters From The Farm #1<The Overview & Booklet .. .. .. Letter #2> “Fortuneteller’s Table”Acrylic & digital painting by Stone Riley Letters From The Farm #1 I would like to explain why that is this essay’s alternative title.I have a blog, and this essay will be my first post in several weeks,so a few Loyal Readers might be worried whether orContinue reading “New England Style Fortunetelling Introduction”
  • Psychic Fair 2021 – Weather Report
    Here’s Your Report Of The PSYCHIC WEATHERin Central New England. Psychic Fair 2021 seemed a lot like the Old Days.In this snapshot .. Old Timers at the World Premiere ofSpirit Hill Tarot, Southern New Hampshire,Pagan Pride Day, Sept. 14, 2002, in a state forest. {- So far, this is the end of this blog post -}
  • Ancient Urn
    This painting in an art gallery site … {-Here-} This blog post on a printable sheet … {-Here-} I displayed this painting and sheet at our Psychic Fair 2021 .. {-Here-} School kids’ cheap acrylic paint on artist canvas, 2002.The artist is 1 of about 4,000 founders of the American Pagan Movement. This old painting strikes me strongly now, with Climate CatastropheContinue reading “Ancient Urn”
  • Psychic Fair Collection 2021
    Hello Dear Reader,I’ve copied out a bouquet of especially hopeful,idealistic and romantic posts. It is 50 pages, small enoughi can give away a few copies at our upcoming psychic fair.That’s August 7, 2021, in Enfield, New Hampshire, USA.It is located in an apple orchard behind our region’slargest Crystal Shop, near the somewhat-famousGeographic Center of New England, which is amajor center of theContinue reading “Psychic Fair Collection 2021”
  • Stone’s Nature Walks Prospectus
    To make inquires please see our Contact Page .. {-Here-} French River Greenway TrailOur Only Offering So Far Download this flyer in a pdf file .. {-Here-} Download this flyer in a pdf file .. {-Here-} To make inquires please see our Contact Page .. {-Here-} TEXT FROM THE FRENCH RIVER FLYER Historical Re-Enactment …. is First: a Scientific Art, and Then,Continue reading “Stone’s Nature Walks Prospectus”
  • Sacred Way Memorial Path – In Construction
    This is my dream gardening project, and to getstarted here are a few photos from last summer. :: New Construction In Summer 2021 :::: Here Is My Pious Backyard Reenactment :::: Of The Ancient Greeks’ ELEUSIS PILGRIMAGE :: I am emerging from the Covid Plague in both Soul and Body.I’m finally doing some days of long-delayed work that’s quiteessential, more than everContinue reading “Sacred Way Memorial Path – In Construction”
  • Dafyd Jones Character Description
    Dafyd Jones (shown here) also goes with other characters ::{-Here-} .. … Juan Diego Character Description{-Here-} .. Helen Smyles Character Description The year now is 1838. Dafyd Jones is a man emigrated from Wales, in strong robust health, age 32. He is an intelligent person, .. a jack of all trades, .. .. Full of sound instincts of how to live decently.Continue reading “Dafyd Jones Character Description”
  • Helen Smyles Character Description
    Helen Smyles (shown here) also goes with other characters ::{-Here-} .. .. Juan Diego Character Description{-Here-} … Dafyd Jones Character Description !!Caution!!: .. As was commonplace in 1830’s popular entertainment::This material joyfully refers to the physical side of a loving marriage.Death lived with them, taking Loved Ones old and young constantly. The year now is 1838. Helen Smyles is a Black womanContinue reading “Helen Smyles Character Description”
  • Earth Energy Contact Report – Similar to UFO Report
    PLEASE NOTE:: .. This is a true report. .. And i am also offering this as a rough model for journaling Earth Energy Contacts, somewhatsimilar to journaling UFO reports. -Stone Riley ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Contact is reported by Stone Riley on 05/30/2021. I have a message from the woods. .. My first “Fungi Web” contact is depicted in the attached painting.OccurredContinue reading “Earth Energy Contact Report – Similar to UFO Report”

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