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So you don’t like anything you’ve seen yet; Huh?
OK, {-Click-Here} .. Display ALL the posts, the newest to oldest.
OR.. .. Below, choose from among our newest 2-dozen blog posts..
UNDER THAT.. .. Browse by the categories i have coded on the posts.
.. .. … . . And. … .. … There’s a Zen Buddhist riddle in fine print at the end.

{-Click-Here-} .. .. Display ALL the posts, newest to oldest.

Those are our MOST RECENT posts!! Is that what you want? You have a total of 4 options. You will choose..
.. (A:) Start with the posts above so from there you’ll be going BACKWARD in time.
.. (B:) Or here, click this… {Open.First.Post} to start with our first post on 04/01/2020 so you’re going FORWARD in time.
.. (C-1:) Or surrender to confusion, browse by category.. {Browse.By.Category} And you may imagine that is a path away from confusion, but it is NOT. You don’t even know what the categories’ names are, and/or what posts stand behind their ornamental buttons.
.. (C-2:) Or surrender to confusion, go away, close this window. And try to forget I ever asked.
And think of surrendering!! Is that the person you are? With your weakness exposed, your whole personalty might crumble. But going backward? You might say that’s normal, it’s how the world ALWAYS looks to our minds, but then I’d say that just shows how disconnected from Reality our minds are!! But is starting way back then any better?? Doesn’t that just orphan you from Realty completely?? Abandon your connections with the whole world since 04/01/2020, and so much has happened?? .. ..So you, you are standing in what Zen {Here} calls a “Dharma Gate”! {Here} And yet, YOU WILL CHOOSE.


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