Talking With Song Birds – Help Sheet

“Seagull Turning”

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Talking With Song Birds
A very ancient method of
enriching your divination skills

Of course I mean having brief back-and-forth con­versations in their language.

And of course you need to live ­where song birds live; then if you devote the time to gain this skill, you will. And this magic will grow your psychic powers like it’s done ever since our human species’ early times.

For we and song birds evol­ved together. And altho primate mouths can make a wider range of song, and primate hands can make flutes, drums and violins, we learned music from them. And the emotions we feel from music are Song Bird Language.

So you must be honest with them; On your first visit to them, you declare a Bird Name that must truly describe you.

Then be patient. Me, I went out to them an hour per day, many days of most weeks, three cycles of spring, summer, autumn. I nourished plants that feed them. Once when a predatory bird appeared, it was I who cried the alarm. The last fall, to my great joy, they let me watch them raise their babies.

So how to start? Let’s suppose you have a house, like I did then, where the backyard is a forest meadow.

Going out there, bring a chair so you’re obvi­ously human. It’s good to bring a walk­ing stick because they’re interested in sticks. Consider wearing a good hat in case of sneak attack by squirrels throwing acorns. Bring water to wet your mouth.

Your first time, be very quiet and still till you’re ready to shout your Bird Name. When you’re ready, shout it out above the forest as they often do with theirs.

But what should it be, and in what voice?

Picture the interior shape of their mouths; With your tongue and lips form that cavity in the front of your mouth; In your Soul find a cry that, thru your guilt, shouts truly: “I am harmless!” We’re all harmless somewhere.

Shout and chitter and squeak your Soul’s cry thru the bird’s mouth you made, shouting to the forest, as a promise of what you’ll be here. And that will be your Bird Name.

As is their cus­tom, say it loud and often.
A human with a name!” they’ll think,
look you in the eye from up in a tree, then speak to you.
And you’ll speak back.

From then on, it’s up to you to be a good neighbor, to keep watch for hawks, to nurture the tangled raspberry vines, with their beds of leaf litter full of small green worms, that will feed the Song Birds and their babies.

And now that you listen like you belong there, you will hear the life of the forest as you did not hear it before. So your psychic senses will expand.

Another thing about their customs: Feel free to imitate what they say, maybe with a curlicue of notes, for in the noisy woods it’s just a way to say you’re listening.

And much or most of what they say will be simply check­ing in. They’re out for baby food and shouting to their mate, “Don’t worry; I’m over here.”

Open your psychic senses, pay very close attention, remember what their lives are like, and you’ll figure it out.

But the HUGE expansion of your psychic senses is this:
You map the forest! You won’t be the same after that.

Map the forest by the bird cries!
See-with­out-seeing the news:
What’s going on behind the hills?
That’s what you evolved to do.

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..


The Ancient Greeks had a divination method called “Thriai”
.. {-Wikipedia-} ..
which used colored pebbles. .. No details are known, but
I imagine they were richly colored and pat­terned
semi-precious gemstones. .. This concept is
part of my design for the Singing Fish.

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Artistic Technical Note
The Singing Fish cards are black & white modern art. .. They’re very
richly patterned, as mentioned above, with countless subtle shades
of gray, but how could they possibly give an experience of color? ..
By the same Human Mind process by which highly dramatic black
& white movies can. .. I don’t kno a scientific term for this but, me
being an old engineer, i call it “narrowing the bandwidth”.
See the cards .. {-here-} .. -sr

(- Here is the end of this blog post.-)

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