Tell The Sorrow Joy – Figure Out Who’s Talking

From Poem Series Poems For The Future
From Poem Series Poems For The Future
From Poetry Booklet Tell The Sorrow Joy
From Poetry Booklet Tell The Sorrow Joy
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From my life-long project Riley's Tarots
From my life-long project Riley’s Tarots
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Tell The Sorrow Joy – Figure Out Who’s Talking

[:: Rabindranath Tagore explained….. {Here} ::]

Excerpt, Pg 6.. Figure Out Who’s Talking

Another Example of..
Figure out who’s talking, thus gain
Clarity and the Freedom of Courage
PLUS.. Daring to be a Story character

But about my friend and me, our ( cracked? unlikely? ) hurried Bernie presidential campaign scheme…

Our revolutionizing scheme….
Working from the way they vastly expanded public literacy in the Mexican Revolution,
early 20th Century …

(Or similar model) … I am to write this book or something … Thus we here at Bernie Local to … Astonishingly … Get gigantic results, surpass whatever Revolutionary Storytelling efforts are currently at Bernie National … Us deciding to somehow … Quickly vastly spread … The “My Bernie Story” magic … Push that out from Us Activists to US General Public …

( And why not? ) … In my perhaps expert
opinion, we can spread that magic best by an …
Easy to read, deeply comprehensive …
Standup Storytelling Primer For Freedom …
Especially help people tell long-denied truth,
which would attract others and others,
and if we show them how to
tell their sorrow joy.

That’s our local Bernie project, and at the
start of the prior section, up above, I said
this Bernie thing we are trying to do, has
in some way taught that valuable lesson too..

Know your stuff in total clarity.”

Our Bernie Story effort is also teaching that.
.. So, in this section, how about that for a
final example? Okay. But…
We must swim a little farther into my theory
about Human Story Instinct, now on an
aspect where I entirely agree with Philosopher
Rebecca Solnit. There are true names.

Solnit, a very poetic writer of philosophy,
speaking of Story, tells us this… Seeking
BEAUTY, TRUTH ?? You MUST strive to
call people and things by their true names.

{- Dear Reader, let’s talk Story Philosophy… -}

I take Professor Solnit’s word on this,
I am convinced of its truth simply hearing
her say this Solnit’s Dictum beautifully,
that if we Humans seek Beauty / Truth we
must must call people / things by their
true names.
I am convinced of this by seeing / hearing
her beautifully tell this.
Such is my respect for Professor S.

{-Trick: Teasing and teasing a respectful
sex joke weaves in mental stitches. Sex
jokes are a test of mental fitness. -}

And so me now, basically an erotic fancier
of Divine Woman, and having fallen in love
one time with Professor S, from the
author photo
in the back of a book, as everyone knows,
me, here’s what I say …

Seeing Solnit’s Dictum from
My.. Story Instinct Theory,
which is Named for Professor Dutton’s
famous great book on Human Art,
and patterned from Professor Graeber’s
famous great book on Human Money,
My Human Story Instinct Theory,
Seeing Solnit’s Dictum from there,
Perhaps even dragging in Tagore’s Dictum?
I say this …

We seek Truth and Beauty for compelling reasons,
so we MUST..

Put everyone and everything
we humanly interact with, or remember,
every item of the World, any sort we Humanly
encounter or encountered in any way, must
recognize or re-recognize it more correctly,
for there are True Names.

And put all and every one of those,
Tagged inside our instinct as…
It’s True Story Character
or Story Thing.

We must strive diligently to label items of
the World correctly inside ourselves, each
labeled like it Personly / Itly is enacting in
itself at home, or labeled Zenly, as close to
its own reality as Humans can recognize.

And We cross-fertilize each onto all the
lists in our Story Instinct where
that Element of Story goes.

We must do that because we are Human
and urgently seeking Truth thru Beauty,
plus also Beauty thru Truth,
Because probably this World is ending.
And we don’t know what to do.

{- Now, Dear Reader,
Please re-read that entire discussion in
Story Philosophy again, if you want to -}

But imagine My Good Friend making his
“My Bernie Story” video, for his My or for
his Self, and for the politics of it,
{- This is a Peace Revolution campaign -}
by doing that exact process, shaping his
internal voices more and more who he is,
for our revolutionary peace demands this.

Also thus making the talk among his internal
voices more true to what’s happening, or has
happened, in the World, and thus also his
internal voices really more and more himself.

Imagine seeing him do that, find a path and
lead himself thru that vast transformation
Professor Campbell calls Ancient Alchemy,
Meeting his Self finally in True Beauty,
him feeling so much better now too,

My Friend following my treasure map
thru Jung’s gate in the garden wall,
and his own hearing of Solnit’s call
that there are True Names,
in the work group I was facilitating.

I am a tremendous fan of Shakespeare plays
but especially the great Shakespeare movies.

My Friend’s Bernie Video Is That…
A Shakespeare Movie…
He is Old Merlin telling one of the Classic
Merlin Stories for 2-point-5 minutes
{-Merlin was trapped in a cave for 300yrs.-}
And actually he is that too
In his apartment eating breakfast.

But how did he do it? I was coaching him and
Saw him doing it. He tried the story, tried
Shoving it hard out at me like at a mirror,
Across a table, two times, at two working
Group meetings, went away campaigning

In New Hampshire. 3 weeks suddenly he’s
Published this 2-point-5 minute masterpiece.
Has the Bernie publishing robot
Send me the address in an email.
Later did Tarot for him looking forward.

In general, I know how he did it.
The general process described above,
In general, the process I am still working
with long term, me trying to more and more
fully, briefly, truly, understand my own past,
my past­ so troubled by soldiering.

His turned out to be of his history, not mine,
of course, not my Guilty Soldiering but
his Urban Deep Poverty, and
Scene by scene his grandparents’ struggle,
My Friend’s story, except the lighting
And furniture, and new names for
ways to be in debt.

Other than that, my friend’s Bernie Story,
in the 2-point-5 minute video its every
paragraph, paragraph, next, next,
Was so very like…
Movie scene, movie scene, scene, scene,
In any of the great black-white movies of
With 1960’s thru 2000’s ways to be broke.
But he was Merlin like Studs Terkel, {Here}
{- Look up Terkel !!! -}
And Merlin survives to tell the tale.

I would like to nominate it for
Nobel Prize for Home Movies.

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
{- End Of “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Figure Out Who’s Talking” -}
{- This is from my poetry booklet.. “Tell The Sorrow Joy”
.. .. Part of my poetry series .. “Poems For The Future”
.. .. The series overview page .. {-Here-}
.. .. Printable Pdf file of that booklet .. {-Here-} -}

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