The Human Mating Instinct – Preface

“A Distant Country”

If you’re a reader of this blog you might well know that i’m very interested in Human Nature, and i take an Evolutionary view of it.

Like this: Our ancient ancestors bequeathed to us, thru their lives on Earth among the other species, a wide array of astonishingly rich and intricate roles, thru which we enact our lives. All together, we thus weave Human Nature.

Examples of the rich tapestry:

Some instinctive roles (Shaman, Artist, others) open the very Universe, thru our Psychic Senses, for our Exploration.

Some roles (Parent, Gardener, others) open Tender Mercy, even beyond the bounds of kin or species, to our Understanding.

One remarkable instinct (Village-Defense Soldiering) brings an extraordinary complex of Boldness, Loyalty, and cool Logic into your trembling hands.

Many or most of these instincts, as a great compelling Motivation, open our awareness of Beauty.

But lately i’ve been thinking of the HUMAN MATING INSTINCT,
and of our powerful instinctive role LOVER.

As of now, my thoughts along this line have just begun.

(- I will write more here.-)

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