First Of These You’ve Seen?

From Novel Dark Of Light
From Novel Dark Of Light
Made New For This Blog
Made New For This Blog
This blog post in is in Category Spiritual Initiation
This blog post in is in Category Spiritual Initiation
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This post is in category Birds
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This post is in category Music For Freedom
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This post pertains to Earth Energy Contacts
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This post is in category Goddess

[: LOOK.. …ELEUSIS.. {HERE} .. …KORE.. {HERE} .. +versus+ …King Phillip 2nd Macidons.. {here} .. …His son Alexander So-Called Great.. {there} :] {-no spellcheck was used in this item-}

Is this the first of these “DARK OF LIGHT BLOG POST” things you’ve seen?..

…Explanation.. This a ROMANCE NOVEL inside Ancient Goddess Demeter’s Great Mystery Rites Of Divine Female Worship, which was an open business with farms, a school, and a Great Pilgrimage for about a zillion years or so, At Eleusis, a romance one year there which almost happened, all serialized up into blog posts.

But it’s a good historical romance novel that takes its natural duties, so to speak, seriously even when serialized. .. ..Speaking of the natural duties, of course certain sections of the paperback.. {Open.The.Pdf} & the best start pg 211.. ..those passages are only alluded to here in the blog, not quoted verbatim. .. ..After all, this is a bono fide, scharlarly, and responsible New England Druid Education site.. ..(with real Druid credentials!). .. ..So we try to serve many of our readers’ natural, moral, political, metaphysical, and scholarly needs. .. ..There are 2 years of research in this novel,.. .. ..characters both human and divine are all extrapolated either from such persons actually known, .. .or known of such persons human or divine in the social slot or doing the line of work,. ..the buildings are based on archeology, .. ..the landscapes are moving and vibrant,. ..the war scenes (to not waste time explaining, I had to over-simplify the ancient battles, but I think the Nam chapter’s realistic). .. .. ..the war scenes are terrible. .. ..for WE ARE VERY ANTI-WAR,.. and ironically the novel is Post-Modern!.. {Here} ..(so it’s got a few cowboys and a little sci-fi).. ..and in the paperback the Author’s Introduction has a full apology for everything. ..

.. ..and perhaps the story may have happened if everything was not quite as it was.

Well, so.. I am now mass-loading this new Druid Education website..
.. (!!.A standard vanilla wordpress-hosted blog that I have hand-tinkered into what I’m calling..
.. .. .. a “WIKI-WEB KNOWLEDGE STRUCTURE”,.. {Here} {Here} {Here} {Here}
.. .. .. .. entirely by coding strictly at blog level for reziliancy.!!)..
.. So you see, I am mass-loading many good Druidry-related chunks of text and pics,..
.. .. (however only a little audio-video so far)
.. Chunks I find by searching in my GIANT ARCHIVE OF ART PROJECTS {Here}
.. Been doing this since the start of last month, and this week I’m choosing, editing, and posting chunks of “Dark Of Light”.
Right now, that’s where I am.

But I am finding that serializing a post-modern novel in a wiki-web is not a simple thing to do, not at all. Why? Because..

Basically, inside the reader’s mind a post-modern novelist tries to demonstrate for you a MORE NATURAL MODE OF PERCEPTION, a much more complex, nuanced, and musical mode of communication with the world than we grew used to in impoverished modern culture.

In fact, I like to call the desired effect of post-modern novels “Symphonic Realism”, from the very rich “realism” effect of many instruments’ voices acting and reacting. The phrase also relates to a scientific theory, that many of our ancestors lived in a world they visualized and mapped by hearing great masses of song birds. I studied a few post-modern novels in preparing to write this one, and quickly found that some of them produce that effect very well.

But what does it mean for me now doing this? Please don’t ask for clear explantions yet, but maybe this little pseudo-neural network is ALREADY POST-MODERN STORAGE so a post-modern novel does not fit its inputs!!

All the character and plot development in the paperback is already DELIBRATELY mixed up and jumbled! Then, trying to instill into that the virtually infinite number of paths you can follow thru neural nets, and keep dramatic interest, the stuff seems like even more mixed up now!! Or not. Maybe in following these pseudo-neural paths you get even more permutations of “symphonic realism” now!!! I don’t know yet!!!! Oh well.

Good luck with this thing.

>>!! Oh by the way, the next chunk of “Dark Of Light” which I’m posting next, ..
.. The episode I am right now preparing to blog-post, it’s titled “Conquer To Rule Wisely”.
.. The title is SARCASTIC. (Remember I am very anti-war.)
.. This episode from a romance novel tells how King Phillip 2nd Macidons, papa of Alexander so-called Great, the papa being real-life conqueror of Athens and most of Greece besides, that bstrd gets utterly humiliated, gets driven to a fit of trembling fear by a young Eleusis Temple boy.

That post’s title, again, will be “Conquer To Rule Wisely”.

My best wishes to you always -SR

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
{- End Of “The First Of These You’ve Seen?” -}
{-Creds.. This was written new for this blog about.. “Dark Of Light”
.. .. Its overview page .. {-Here-} -}

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