Four Seasons – A Quartet Of Poems

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To be slightly more informative;
Here’s a fully Druidic, last-quarter Celestial,
and basically Traditional,
Pagan Wheel Of The Year

Publishing Note=> These are gathered & re-hammered
out of four larger verse works already elsewhere.
Riddle Alert=> “last-quarter Celestial” means
there are stars in the fourth poem.

… .. .. .. .. .. ..~~****~~.. .. .. .. .. .. …
1: Spring .. “Primordial Garden”
(a sacred hymn)

“Poppy” by sr

I have a SACRED GARDEN, small space by a neatly made
house in a clearing, in verge, a rich, dense, fragrant,
tall-tree forest’s brown deep shadowed verge,
.. Tall woods but no naked edge to a clearing,
woody creeper, roses, grape to top,
.. .. forming, framing, paths thru archways in.
.. Behind my house, so fertile, this small clearing,
.. This wild meeting built, made sacred,
by my hands in seven years.

Small clearing where Humans dwell on rather
new land where, there was a year,
.. A not-so-ancient year our
broad Ice World that was here,
.. One year its springtime melt flood
draining off shows glacier is !!inland of ocean now!!,
.. And along that rocky shore abruptly this new world
of meandering melt water roads,
.. All these watercourse ways, lichen-fungi scents
of naked firm dirt called new biome.
.. .. Just 4 springs later then,
.. Nearby cold water human boat people
followed red birds nesting upriver.

.. Our camp in a clearing half way up
a channel’s dawn-facing bank,
.. .. old soldier at last camped in neat
lumber-built tent,
.. In dawns sit, dance, poetize,
deep smoke healing, these dawns.

(end of Spring)

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..~~****~~.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
2: Summer .. “I Guess We Will Arrive”
(art appreciation)

“Eternal Dance” by sr

“Tintern Abbey” is a nature poem by William
Words­worth composed in Wales in 1798, and
always said to be his best loved work.

In the sweet touching rhythm of its verse the poet
tells that he is visiting a very beautiful valley he
last vis­i­ted in youth, that he is now grown older;
That our Human World’s hardness changed him,
stilled a Desper­ate Delirium for BEAUTY he felt then.

And yet the poet reassures us finally =>Convinces Us<=
that it is good and that it Feeds The Soul.

By the poem’s end,
we are willing to hear and feel reas­sured, because
along the way he proved Extra­ord­inary Famil­iar­ity
with SPIRITUAL AFFAIRS. How? Describing vividly
SOULS’ MOVEMENTS, vividly, quite realistic detail.

So we should listen to this Words­worth person on
our current pressing emergency question of what
nour­ish­ment a Healthy Human soul Requires. Will
such food be available in coming times?

Well, in this poem Poet Words­worth tells us;
First recognizes how Humans take part in Nature,
Now welcomes that duty, shouts Yes we can do it well.

Next he tells of a joyful Spiritual Experience,
of our Hu­man presence in the Soul of NATURE;
He now knows we’re Soul-Deep in the mountains;
Soul-Deep in the meadows, the vast blue sky and all.

But finally he rejoices in this:
His beloved Human mate is there,
beloved Soul Mate Sister;
To reflect, share, re­mem­ber,
to make the internal things real.

And in their companionship together,
when they are together, THAT’s when
the poet sings the highest praises of
the Sacred Nour­ish­ment of IMMORTALITY
that Nature brings Our Souls.

So our Poet Words­worth concludes:
Nature sets a Spiritual Feast before us
when our Human Company arrive together.

(end of Summer)

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..~~****~~.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
3: Autumn .. “The Soul’s True Yearning”
(poem after the meter of Homer)

“In The Beginning” by sr

The soul’s true yearning is to make itself known.
That is a common thought among our most poetic thinkers.

After all, it makes such lovely sense of our
own intimate experience in inward contemplation,
when we go to find and understand the things within,
behind the masks we carefully present the outward world.

Go in courage through dark places
seeking truth about yourself,
and familiar forgotten forms
do stand forth from the dark,
toward Light and Consciousness;
Hidden faces appear and even speak.

And it makes such lovely sense,
about the hidden nature of all things;

If the Soul of The World, like her daughters
for each being, yearns toward that unity found
in the flickering brilliant candlelight of Consciousness,
then WE are the Hieros Gamos.

We are all become the Holy Bride and Groom.

If we simply truly LOVE, then Ecstasy is in our reach;
Passion and Compassion lure us truly on.
Yes, the Soul’s true yearning is to make itself known.

(end of Autumn)

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..~~****~~.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
4: Yule .. “When I Was An Anti-Military
Army Mail Clerk”
(true memoir fable)

“Awaking In A Dream” -sr

Once I got stuffed into a tiny co-pilot seat
with a stuffed-full mail bag i had that night,
that bag stuffed on top of me, The Christmas
Mail, in foul weather. Only aircraft leaving
and returning that hilltop that winter night.

You see, the roads were too icy for my little
truck on the icy roads, over there that bag’s
going, different hilltop strip a distance off.
I’d called ahead by radio and found that out.

Well the pilot on duty, a Lieutenant, suggests
he’ll go, take The Mail for me, yet admits he
does not have the right receipt to sign, but
says an Officer can scribble one on any paper.

And i handled my Army Pistol at my belt;
And i replied: Not In A Expletive Pig’s Eye.

So I’m in the co-pilot seat. Suddenly, it’s a
weird disoriented feeling. The way I’m laying
back, the big mailbag shoved on top, I cannot
see the windshield so it’s the utter dark. Or
is it the engine vibrations? Which way’s up?

Suddenly I realize it will feel like hurtling
on a cannon shell hilltop to hilltop. NO! It
feels like poised on a vibrating firecracker,
set to go arcing thru the Starry Winter Sky.

(end of Yule)

“Fortuneteller’s Table”
A modern art ancient Astrologic Alchemic glyph,
an ancient meteorological symbol Cabalistically
specifying absolutely any year there ever was,
back INFINITELY thru all preceding Time.
(cheap canvas & acrylic morphed)

(.Here is the end of this blog post.)

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